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Last Updated: 8/15/2015

When you are a teen or young adult who suffers from continence issues, wearing adult diapers can have a significant impact on your life.

We're here to help minimize and reduce that impact. We are seeking to do this in a multitude of ways.

Millions of kids, teens and young adults suffer from incontinence too!

First and foremost is by providing you with all of the necessary information you will need to choose the right products for you or your loved one. Being equipped with the right knowledge and products for you and your situation can help greatly with quality of life.

Making one feel more comfortable going out and having fun!

Second, we seek to reduce the stigma associated with needing adult diapers by being blatant and up in your face about it. This is why the name of the site isn't wearing incontinence products or something else equally lame.

It is also why both Brittany and myself(The Diaper Dynamo) produce YouTube videos.

The more of us who put our faces out there and talk about this openly, the less taboo it will become and the better the lives of those who wear diapers will get.

Finally, we seek to bring to the market new products to choose from and a unique shopping experience.

We started offerring our own hand made Adult Cloth Diapers, with the A&A Pocket Diaper, almost two months ago. Since then, we have been steadily adding additional products to our portfolio.

We now have the A&A Bed Wetting Pads and the A&A Adult Diaper Covers too!

We have also begun to add all of the best disposable adult diapers to our offerrings as well.

Diapers like Abena, Confidry and Wellness are now available for purchase directly from us at prices lower than anywhere else on the net. We made sure of that! ;)

We take pride in being able to offer you all of the best disposable adult diapers available today along with what is quickly becoming the best brand of adult cloth diapers availble as well.

If our new storefront isn't already up by the time you read this then it will be very soon. 

This is just the start. We have a ton of great ideas for products and services to provide you with. There is a lot more fantastic free content in the works. 

Even though we are moving towards producing our own products we still will be covering and reviewing the products of others out there too. Over time our inventory of original offerrings will expand into a nice selection for you to choose from.

With your support we know we can do great things for the 400 million teens and adults out there with incontinence issues. Make no mistake about it, we've got our sights set to effect every last one.

We seek to put a dent in the universe! Join us in our crusade and help us on out this mission!

There are a lot of ways to get active and participate. Over time you will see this evolve and grow into something magnificent. We invite you to join the ride.

Original content. It's pretty old but check it out anyways! It's timeless!

Wearing adult diapers can seem scary and humiliating at first. It can be a challenge to say the least.

Suddenly having to deal with incontinence is a stressful and horrifying situation. It can come on unexpectedly for a number of possible reasons and can effect anyone. 

From teenage bedwetters to average adults experiencing a loss of bladder control, contrary to popular belief, incontinence issues can happen to anyone at any age.

Of the 65 million people in the U.S. who report sufferring from some sort of bladder condition at least one third of those individuals are under the age of 50.

So you are not alone in your troubles!

While some of these conditions are medically treatable there are quite a few that are not. This of course can be emotionally and psychologicaly damaging.

We're here to help. We're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be inhibiting. You can still live a socially fulfilling lifestyle all while wearing the protection you need.

This site is for those who have chosen to manage their incontinence issues by wearing adult diapers or for those who are considering it as an option.

We will tell you all you need to know about adult diapers and how to live with incontinence without it effecting your life.

Which Adult Diaper is Right For You?

If you're an active adult who likes to go out and share time with friends,  having this need may cause a lot of unnecessary worry and stress.

Luckily there are plenty of brands of adult diapers available for you to choose from to help you manage your bladder problems.

Finding Diapers For Teens and Adults

But if you've never had to wear one before, how do you know which brand to buy?

How do you know if it is going to be what you need?

With such a large variety of incontinence aids available on the market today its understanding that one might need a little guidance to find the products that fit their particular situation.

We figured we would take our experiences with incontinence products and do our best to help people find the products that are suitable to their situation.

More than that we are creating a place where we can all come and share our collective experiences with incontinence, bedwetting and adult diapers.

Find What You Need Here!

If your new to wearing diapers and incontinence products then we hope to help ease you into it.  We will provide you with the quality information you need to help find the incontinence products that are right for you.

We hope that in time we can help you to see that there's nothing to be ashamed of. There are millions of adults wearing diapers all over the globe!

Adult Diaper Fashion Show

It has even become somewhat of a trend among women in Japan!

They even have adult diaper fashion shows there!

Even here in the U.S.,  Kimberly Clark's Depends Underwear has been running a campaign to help raise awareness to this little known fact!

Here at Wearing-Adult-Diapers.com we will show you that wearing diapers can be just like wearing any other undergarment. Think of them as protective underwear or incontinence underwear if that helps.

Just try not be put off by the social stigmas carried with the term "diaper". They're not meant for just babies anymore. All it is, is a different kind of brief.

It just has a bit more functionality then regular underwear. 

This is the place to come to find the reviews your looking for on how well a product performs and what sort of situations you may desire to have it for.

We need, wear and use these products ourselves so we know what it is that your looking for and what it is that you go through on a daily basis.

Not only will you find our reviews to help point you in the right direction but you will also find the reviews of others like us. You can even leave your own!  

You will see that there are many adults out there of all ages who deal with this issue. If you decide to post yourself you will see the emmense amount of support we all give each other as well.

A Few Things To Consider In Your Search

No matter how you choose to look at it though, there are a few things to consider when searching for your perfect fit.

If your well acquainted with the various diapers for adults and the various youth diapers available then you probably already know what your looking for.

Browse around and see what you can find anyway.

Maybe you'll find something more suitable to your situation.

If your still new to all of this then there's a few things you will want to consider when searching for your products:






We've taken the time to conduct careful diaper reviews to analyze all of the aspects that an adult wearing diapers may or may not want.

From comfort of fit to the amount of absorption, we analyze the available products on the market in terms that you can understand and relate to.

The Right Adult Diaper for You

If your looking for a loved one then you will find enough information to choose the right product that will give them the protection, comfort and dignity they need.

Finding The Right Diapers For Your Loved One

No one likes waking up to a wet bed or being humiliated from having an accident in public. We will show you the best adult diapers and incontinence products available today. 

There are adult diapers that look like underwear and some that look like boxer shorts! There's even a few teen diapers made especially for older kids and young adults.

There are diapers with extra padding for extra absorbency and there are thinner diapers with cloth shells for extra discretion.

From disposable diapers to adult cloth diapers we have experience with it all.

Whatever your need in an adult diaper, we will help you find it!

Reasons and Causes

There are many reasons and causes to why a person above the age of three may need or want to wear a diaper.

Some of the most common reasons include bladder problems such as stress incontinence and frequent urination.

There are also various forms of incontinence that develop from a variety of situations and scenarios in a persons lifetime. Thus creating a whole line of adult incontinence products.

Longer lifespans combined with increased availability have caused an increase in demand for adult diapers. 

Even though its far more common for the elderly to lose control of their bodily functions there are plenty of people across the age spectrum dealing with these issues.

There are various different conditions that can cause one to have bowel problems as well. If this is you then you will want a heavy duty diaper for heavy duty situations.

There are even many out there who simply wear diapers for enjoyment and convenience.

Diapers for Bedwetting

A very common problem in children and teens is bedwetting. Most kids grow out of it by the time they're teenagers but some teens still may need some form of overnight protection to help keep them dry.

Two to three percent of all Teens and Adults Wet the Bed!!

There are plenty of bed wetting diapers available that are specifically designed to take heavy wettings so that they will hold through the night with no leaks.

So if you've been having trouble finding the right product for you kid or teenager check out the section on bedwetting and the products available to help out with it!

If you're an adult bedwetter you're not alone either. There is a rather larger amount of us out there so don't be shy. 

If You Find Yourself Here...

Whatever your case is for finding yourself here,  I want you to know that we are mainly focused on helping you live with wearing adult diapers.

While we will speak of various incontinence issues and other reasons why people wear diapers, we mainly seek to provide you with the information you need to find and buy the diapers that are the best for you.

We are not here to medically diagnose you. We simply want to help you learn the various ways to manage your condition with adult diapers.

We expect that if you find yourself here you most likely are already looking for adult diapers to meet your needs and do not need a medical diagnosis.

With that said,  maybe your a teen or adult who is already experienced with incontinence products...

If you are, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to share your own experience and reviews throughout the site.

Don't be shy now. You have valuable experience too!

So take a look around. Weigh the pros and cons. Understand your options.

Together we can make living with wearing adult diapers easy and stress free!!!

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