What is an ABDL?

ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover.  We wanted to help you understand what this is because we are sure that in your search for finding adult diapers you will inevitably come across this.

A person who identifies themselves as an AB/DL is a person who has a desire to either wear diapers,  act like a baby or sometimes both.

For most people it is a sexual fetish.  It is very much a part of their sexual drive and a part of their sexual orientation. 

For others it is more of a psychological need.  They find comfort and solace in wearing a diaper or acting like a baby.

As with any interest there are varying degrees of expression of this adult diaper fetish.

Some people are strictly diaper lovers.  It is the diaper that arouses them or provides them comfort.  For these people they either like to see someone else wearing the diaper or they like to wear it themselves.

Some of them like to use the diapers for their inteded purpose while some simply just enjoy wearing the diaper and never use it.

Then there are those who really enjoy role playing.  These people like to wear adult sized baby clothing, adult baby diapers, suck on adult pacifiers, drink from baby bottles, be fed in high chairs,  play with baby toys and sleep in adult sized baby cribs.

Yes,  as silly as it sounds there are people out there who deeply enjoy doing this.  Why though is an entirely different subject worthy of scientific inquiry,  in my humble opinion.

There are many different companies out there that cater to this market.  There are even special adult baby diapers that come with babyish prints on them and everything!

Some of these diapers are really great too!  So even if your not an ABDL you may be interested in trying some out.

Its important to understand that being an adult baby is about regression and not about children in any way.  For them it is the joy of role playing and acting out of their fantasies.

Hopefully this page helps to enlighten you and open your mind a bit on the things out there that you may have been previously unaware of.

There seems to be a small section of incontinence folks who harbor a certain amount of hatred towards this group of people.

From what I have gathered thus far in forums and other places around the net it seems to be due to the view that being unable to control your bladder and bowels is more of a medical condition than one who suffers from these sorts of psychological ticks.

Why do ABDL's wear diapers?  Why do they feel the need to wear diapers?  Why do AB's feel the need to regress?

These are deep seeded psychological and neurological questions that I will be attempting to explore in other places on the site.

Whatever the case is for you, we welcome all diaper wearers to this site no matter what their reason is for searching for and wearing diapers.

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