Handling Adult Bed Wetting

Adult Bed Wetting

Have you been suffering from adult bed wetting?

Bed wetting,  or nocturnal enuresis, is a problem that many adults suffer with silently.

Some of these people have been dealing with bed wetting their whole lives while others have it happen quite unexpectedly. Most are too ashamed to discuss it with anyone. Even their doctors!

Dont be afraid to talk to your doctor if you just started wetting the bed out of the blue. You need to be physically examined to make sure the cause isn't something more life threatening!

Not to mention once examined you can become more informed on your options to stop your bedwetting.

Its surprising that people would be so reluctant to discuss this but there are people out there who are just too afraid to due to social stigmas.  It is for this very reason that it can be difficult to tell you an accurate estimate as to how many adults actually suffer from this problem but it's estimated to be about 2 percent based off of what IS reported.

So taking that into consideration it could be closer to 5 percent of all adults suffer from this problem. Either way, there are plenty of people out there who deal with this on a daily , weekly or even monthly basis.

Bedwetting Diapers For Adults

For some people it can start out once a month and progress to every day while for others it can remain a rare occurrence.

Those adults who grew up with this problem have most likely jumped through every hoop possible. From being physically examined by multiple doctors to trying every bedwetting alarm on the market.

Many adults who have this problem end up resorting to adult diapers not only to keep their beds dry but to help them get an uninterrupted night of rest.

There's no shame in it and they are much more comfortable than a catheter.

Adults Are More Understanding

Dealing with bedwetting accidents as an adult isn't as difficult as it is for kids or teenagers though.

Loving Adult Bed Wetters

While it still may be embarrassing to urinate on your partner while your both sleeping, they are still your partner and will go on loving you any way.  

It may be a bit more difficult for adults who are single than adults who are married or in a committed relationship already.

It can be hard to put yourself out there and date knowing that you have this problem. These are fears that you will have to face up to eventually though if you don't want to spend your life sleeping alone.

There are plenty of open minded people out there who would not be deterred by a person who wet the bed every night. Hell, there are even some people out there who would probably be turned on at the thought of it.

Kinks aside,  the point is that adults are generally much more mature about this than kids and teenagers are.  

Dating With Adult Bedwetting

While it may be scary to share this personal intimate detail of yourself with someone else out of a fear of rejection or even laughter, if you don't then you'll never know what you could of had.

I would advise of course spending some time getting to know each other first.  Let them get to know and love you for who you are and your bedwetting won't be an issue.

If they reject you over something superficial like bed wetting accidents then they are definitely not the person you want to be with anyways.

Pick yourself up and get back out there and try again!

Adult Bed Wetting Diapers and Future Cures

There are plenty of adult diapers and bedwetting diapers for you to choose from to help handle your night time needs with.

Many people end up resorting to diapers just so that they don't have a bedwetting accident on their partner.

Adult Bedwetting Accidents

Some couples have even reported a growth in their relationship due to the extra nurturing and love that comes out of helping their loved one with their night time needs.

Adult diapers are quickly growing in popularity as a way of managing bed wetting at any age as the availability of quality adult diapers continues to grow and the styles become more appealing.

This broadening selection is beginning to make it far more acceptable to wear adult diapers for whatever reasons you may need to. Whether it be for adult bed wetting or daytime wetting accidents, adult diapers continue to advance forward along with everything else.

With this advancement has come greater understanding and acceptance of peoples needs for these types of products.

When you consider the fact that disposable adult diapers didn't even exist until about 30 years ago then it makes sense that they're just now reaching a level of acceptance within society.

Eventually, within the next decade or so, our medical technology will advance far enough that there will be many more solutions to stop your bedwetting or incontinence. Ones that will allow you to do away with adult diapers and adult bed wetting for good!

Printed Bladder for Adult Bed Wetting

Scientists have been 3D Printing organs and running clinical trials for over 10 years now. 3D Printing is a process where you can manufacture something one layer at a time. In the case of organs they layer the cells that make up the organ. One of the first organs manufactured and tested was a bladder!

That's a discussion for an entirely different website but one I could go on for hours about. The possibilities our futures hold are tremendous.

We just want you to know that even though you may need to wear diapers now, there is a very good chance that in the near future many forms of night time and day time incontinence will be treatable.

You have to admit though, that for now adult diapers are the best way to get a good nights rest and wake up in a warm dry bed!

Share your personal strategies for dealing with bedwetting as an adult!

Tell us your techniques for dealing with bedwetting!

Have you always been a bedwetter? When did it start?

If you had to deal with it through growing up how did you get through it? Have you had trouble finding a partner because of your bedwetting?

If you are a bedwetter who was able to find a partner what tips and advice can you offer others to help them out?

How do you go about handling your nightly problem? Do you prefer diapers or some other method such as catheters?

Being an adult bedwetter is tough. Its helpful to know there are others out there. Its even more helpful when we connect with each other and learn from each others experiences.

Please share anything that you feel is appropriate and would help other adult bed wetters overcome their predicament.

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