Adult Bedwetters Need Help Too!

Adult bedwetters are easily scoffed at by society because of the strangely permeating belief that only children have bedwetting issues.

Studies show that 2 to 3 percent of all adults wake up to wet beds. 

The Best Products for Every Adult Bedwetter To Have!

As you can probably imagine,  this can be quite the challenge for any adult to deal with.

In fact,  you more than likely find yourself here because you either are an adult bedwetter or you know an adult bedwetter so you probably don't have to imagine all the details involved.

You live them on a day to day basis.

Treating Adult Bedwetters

We're working on investigating the different organizations, methods of treatment and emerging technologies out there that might be used to overcome these issues.

We recently launched the Dry Times E-Zine and the current focus of this series of issues is health devices and how we think they may be able to help with bedwetting.

They aren't quite designed for it yet but the potential is there.

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We also want to look into a few of the bedwetting clinics out there that offer programs to help people overcome bed wetting issues.  

This way we can point those of you who are interested in the right direction to get the solution you are really looking for.

So be sure to come back soon to see what it is we dig up!

The Knowledge of Crowds.

Were you an adult bedwetter but have resolved your problem?

If so, How did you resolve it? Were any medications used? Did you have any corrective operations? If so,  what were they?

Did you attend any clinics or conduct some sort of bedwetting program?  How did it work?

If we work on adding and collecting a variety of experiences here we can see what the wisdom of the crowd has to say about how to overcome this issue.

If it was never resolved then how did/do you approach romantic relationships?  How long have you been living with your condition for?

While we don't have an active forum just yet we can offer you a way to share your story with others.  

They in turn can comment on your story or experience,  offerring advice or support.

In this way we can start formulating the community necessary to get a supportive forum going and we can help each other out by sharing our collective experiences.  

While we here at have lots of experience with incontinence and incontinence products nothing beats the collective wisdom of communities.

Whether it's from incontinent adults or bedwetting adults you all have wisdom that when brought together will beat the advice of the best experts in the field.

So if you have experience with adult bed wetting that you might want to share come on in and join the discussion.

This is a safe place to share your stories and experiences of having to deal with the embarassing issue of adult bed wetting.

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