Adult Bedwetters Unite!

Are you looking for other adult bedwetters to connect with? Maybe your just hoping to see how other adults deal with this issue?

Maybe you were an adult bedwetter but have resolved your problem.

How did your issue start?  Sometimes when these things first happen they can be horrifying,  then later on completely hilarious in reflection.  Have any particularly funny stories to tell?

Funny stories aside,  did you ever find a solution to your problem?

If so,  How did you resolve it?  Were any medications used?  Did you have any corrective operations?  If so,  what were they?

If it was never resolved then how did/do you approach romantic relationships?  How long have you been living with your condition for?

While we don't have an active forum just yet we can offer you a way to share your story with others.  

They in turn can comment on your story or experience,  offerring advice or support.

In this way we can start formulating the community necessary to get a forum going and we can help each other out by sharing our collective experiences.  While we have lots of experience with incontinence and incontinence products nothing beats the collective wisdom of communities.

So if you are an adult bedwetter or you were at some point,  come on in and join the discussion.

This is a safe place to share your stories and experiences.

Be warned though that this is not a fetish website nor do we intend to let it become one.  We don't mind having these folks around but we want to create a helpful and supportive community. 

With that said,  if you submit a story that seems like a work of fantasy or fiction we may not accept it.  Your story needs to have some sort of insight or value to it that will help someone else get through what they are going through.

If your story is not helpful or valuable in some way then we may not accept it.

It is in this way that we will be maintaining the safety of this sharing space.  We want to see stories,  experiences and comments that will be helpful to others.

So come on in and let your voice be heard!

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The Down Side and the Up Side 
Caught by a 1950's London smog, while booking us both into a hotel, my mother quietly mentioned my bedwetting. Getting out of the lift with several …

Hotels and Bedwetting 
I have been a bedwetter my entire life and have stayed at 100's of hotels for personal and professional reasons. For many years I was quite anxious …

Nighttime to Daytime... Not rated yet
I sometimes consider myself as a bedwetter... but in all reality, I have bladder issues that effect me both day and night... and with that being said, …

Back To Nightly Bedwetting Not rated yet
I was a chronic bedwetter as a child and throughout my teens. I wasn't reliably dry at night until my early 20's. Back then little was done about bedwetting. …

Former Bed Wetter Not rated yet
I used to be a bedwetter but no longer am. Now I wear diapers so that when I need to go three to four times per night I won't have to worry about the …

Bedwetting and Diaper Risk Not rated yet
While I am only in diapers 8-9 hours day, it's not true that bedwetters cannot suffer from bad diaper rash. Even if I pee right before bed, I usually …

Never Be Unprepared! Not rated yet
Recently, my wife and I went to a wedding at a very nice hotel. As the evening wore on, it was obvious neither of us should drive home and we decided …

Plane Trips and Bedwetting Not rated yet
If you are a chronic bedwetter as I have been my entire life, it means that anytime you sleep, you run the risk of having an accident. I found out …

Lifelong Chronic Bedwetter Not rated yet
It's not much of a story, but at 57, I am still unable to keep my bed dry. I am a primary enuretic in that I have never had any dry periods in my life. …

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