The Adult Diaper Lover Community

An Adult Diaper Lover is a person who has a desire to wear adult diapers or see someone else wearing diapers.  

For some it's a sexual fetish. These folks require diapers for sexual stimulation and gratification.

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For some its a way of life. These folks desire to wear diapers so much they have cultivated a life around being able to do it as much as possible.

For others its just a once in a while thing for fun.

Some diaper lovers are also adult babies but not always. Both of these groups are comprised of people who are generally not medically incontinent.

Thats not to say that there aren't medically incontinent folks in them though. 

We also take the view point here that even though these folks don't need diapers because they can't control their bodily functions there still is a psychological need for them. In our opinion their need for diapers is just as valid as someone who is physically incontinent.

Its just a different kind of need.

Lets just put it like this, when you are incontinent you wear diapers so that you can have a higher quality of life.

An adult diaper lover wears diapers because they are always dealing with this overwhelming desire to wear them. This desire can be psychological torment until they actually put it on. Then they feel relief and their mind can think of more important things.

Thus leading to a more productive and higher quality of life.

So diapers improve the quality of life for us all and that's is all that we want to help with here. We want to make your quality of life better and to show you that wearing diapers is no big deal.

Whether you need to because of incontinence or you need to satisfy other compulsions, get padded and get active!

Adult Diaper Lover Community

There are whole communities of people built around this that wear diapers for enjoyment.  

Naturally,  people who need to wear diapers tend to go to some of these places to meet others that are either like themselves or will accept them regardless of their need for diapers.

Many incontinent folks have also found the adult baby/diaper lover community very supportive and helpful.

They might choose to wear diapers but they still have lots of experience with different brands of diapers,  how well they perform and whether or not its the type of thing that will be noticable wearing out in public.

They've helped many learn to overcome their fears of wearing diapers in public and around those that they love and care about.

However,  there are incontinent folks out there who despise the ABDL community and inappropriately lump all ABDL's into the crazy category due to their encounters with those ABDL's out there who are mentally unstable.

If you are one of these people who has a negative view of the ABDL community due to such an encounter you should know that not all ABDL's are like this. Most of them are very stable and successful actually.

The Inappropriate Minority

Unfortunately for the smart and mentally stable ABDL's out there,  there is a small minority of their community consistently making them look bad.

What my fellow incontinent brothers and sisters must learn to recognize is its the unintelligent and repressed minds that make the rest of the ABDL community look bad. They have no sense of respect for others or themselves. 

Most of them clearly lack the basic socializing skills necessary to interact with others on a meaningful level.

These are the people who invade incontinence groups and forums. We see these people all the time while doing our research around the net.

These people who make that community look bad are the ones who really need psychiatric help.

All the smart and mentally stable adult diaper lovers are out living their lives doing something more productive. 

So whether you are an adult diaper lover or someone who needs to wear diapers for medical reasons,  we all have one thing in common. We wear adult diapers out of some sort of need that drives us there.  

Lets try to understand each other and help each other become better people.  

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