Adult Diaper Samples Help Find the Right Fit

If your looking for a place to get adult diaper samples then the CareGiverPartnership is the place to go.

They offer sample packs of two for many of the brands that they carry.  This is great if your new to wearing adult diapers and would like to try out several different brands before you commit to a whole package.

Before adult diaper samples were available one would have to spend several hundred dollars on whole packages of diapers that may or may not be a good fit.  More often than not you would be left with stacks of diapers that you couldn't or didn't want to use.

This is part of the reason I've created this site that your on right now!  Our reviews are intended to help aide in this process so that you don't have to waste a ton of money on trying out all of the different brands of diapers. 

Other than review sites like ours,  this has lead to the emergence of different diaper companies offerring smaller sample packs. This way you can have the opportunity to try a few and see if they are good for you before you get stuck with a package of 18-20 diapers that don't fit,  are too uncomfortable or aren't sufficient for your needs.

Maybe one day when we open our own store we can offer you sample packs of our own.  For now we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

The CareGiver Partnership

As stated above,  our number one recommendation when it comes to getting adult diaper samples is the

With a selection of samples as wide as theirs you can order a whole box of different adult diapers to try.  This way you can make a whole list of diapers that you preferred and forget about the rest.

Their site is well organized and easy to use.  They streamline the ordering process making it as painless as possible.

Keep in mind when your ordering your samples and doing your own testing that some diapers are better for discretion while others are better for absorption.  Try to consider what situations each will be best for.

Will this product last for several hours comfortably or will you need to change often?  Is it discreet?  Are you comfortable wearing it or does it make you feel self conscious?

Answering simple questions like these will go a long way in finding the products that are just right for you.

You may even consider asking a trusted loved one if its noticeable.  "Is this noticeable?  Can you tell I'm wearing a diaper?  Does this diaper make my butt look big?"

Ha ha,  that last one was kind of a joke but kind of not at the same time. 

Also,  be sure to take the time to try out all new products in the safety and privacy of your own home first.  This will help you become familiar with the products limitations and avoid public embarassments.

For a more general idea of what diapers you might want to try check out all of our reviews on adult diapers that we've managed to cover thus far.

Unfortunately, at this time the Care Giver Partnership is the only website we've tried ordering samples from so its the only one we can really recommend.  

There are several others we are about to discuss but we haven't yet tried ordering from them so proceed at your own discretion.

Get A Free Adult Diaper Sample!

In our research to bring you the best information possible we discovered several websites that offer a free adult diaper sample for you to try.

Some don't charge you anything at all while others you still have to pay shipping and handling. But how can you complain when the products are free? offers free samples of Tranqulity ATN's and TopLiner booster pads

It looks like their products are mainly Tranquility and a few Select products.  Tranquility does make some pretty decent diapers so if you've never tried them go ahead and give them a shot!

Heartland does have a limit of 2 free adult diapers though and sometimes its hard to gain a grasp on whether or not the diaper is right for you after only wearing it once or twice.

Many big name companies offer free samples such as Depends and Wellness Briefs.

You can get a free sample of either on their official websites. Wellness briefs has a charge of only 1.99 for shipping and handling and Depends will ship it for free!

Depends sample pack comes in a small box that should fit inside of your mail box.  So don't worry about your neighbors seeing anything embarassing.

Free adult diaper samples like these are great opportunities and we highly recommend them!

All of these brands have their pros and cons.  Again, for more information on them,  check out our reviews by clicking their picture on the right hand navigation bar!

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