Wearing Adult Diapers In Public

Wearing Adult Diapers In Public

One can be quite self conscious wearing adult diapers in public if not properly informed on the various different kinds of diapers available to choose from.  When you suddenly start needing to wear diapers all the time this becomes a dominating issue in your life.

Your constantly concerned on whether or not someone will notice.

There are several brands that crinkle far too loudly for comfort or have inadequate absorption that will lead to leaking.  Then there are brands designed for lots of absorption but are really thick which tends to feel much more obvious.

It can be very discomforting if your not used to it.

There are however a number of brands to choose from who offer quiter and thinner diapers for greater discretion.  If you collect a variety of different products and use them at the appropriate times you may find yourself much more comfortable.

Attends Extended Wear Breathable Briefs are Great for Adult Diapers in Public

Attends has several cloth shelled adult diapers to choose from that offer greater discretion than their plastic backed counterparts.  Their extra absorbent breathable briefs can last for a few hours and the brethable exterior makes them great for sweaty activities.

Then they also have extended wear breathable briefs for longer lasting protection.  They are a bit thicker but they aren't too bad and should be easily concealable under your regular clothing.

Tranquility's line of breathable briefs are also another great option.  These offer a very slim fitting alternative for easy concealment under tighter clothing.  We find these go best with some of their booster pads as well.  Otherwise they don't last very long.

In fact,  tranquility booster pads will go great with just about any kind of diaper you choose to go with. 

They will last for up to an hour on their own maybe two with a pad.  We'd recommend these for short and hot activities.

Prevail Breezers are yet another great option for the active incontinent.  Whether your a buisness person, a factory worker or a college student these brands are sure to help you feel confident and comfortable. 

For some of us though,  less absorbent diapers are not an option.  So it may just take a shift in attitude and some more appropriate clothing to help overcome the discomfort of wearing some of the thicker adult diapers in public.

Actually,  attitude is probably one of the most important things about wearing adult diapers in public.

If your walking around all shy and timid because you know your wearing a diaper then that behavior will make it more obvious that somethings off about you.

If you walk around with confidence not caring what people think they will be less likely to notice anything different about you at all.

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