Why Wear an Adult Onesie?

The adult onesie,  also known as a body stocking on some sites, is something that we like to promote here at WAD.  

It might not be too appealing to most incontinent adults but they do serve several useful purposes that one might be interested in.

If your not an AB/DL and you simply wear diapers because you have to then you may shy away from something like this due to its babyish look and nature.  Then again you may have gotten passed all the babyish associations when you accepted the need to wear diapers...

There are however a number of adult onesies that have a more adult design to them and still serve the same functionality.

So how can a onesie help you?

Well,  for starters,  have you ever been out and about taking care of buisness and been concerned about whether or not people can see your diaper rising above the waistband of your pants?

This can be a concern for some diaper wearers and wearing a onesie can help with that.

You can wear them as undershirts.  They will look like they're just a regular white t-shirt tucked in.  

The thing is though it will never come untucked or rise up to where your diaper can be seen because they are snapped snugly around the crotch.  Which leads me to my next reason for wearing them.

You may notice that as your diaper absorbs more fluids it will begin to sag. This can sometimes make walking more difficult. It also leads to openings in the leg holes which can lead to leaking.

Wearing a onesie can help prevent this type of sagging and leaking by holding the incontinence product up and close to the body.

We have seen many different types of onesies for adults available out there. From the completely babyish designed for the AB/DL community to the more appropriate Polo styled collared shirts,  like the ones pictured above, for the professional incontinent.

Unfortunately its difficult to find these types of onesies available to buy anywhere. We hope to find some way to offer you these in the not too distant future.

Another thing onesies are good for too is helping to reduce audible sounds from crinkly diapers. As stated in other places on the site it usually helps to wear some tight fitting clothing over a crinkly diaper.

If you buy the right size, a onesie will definitely help in this department as well.

Be sure to come back at a later date for a more refined list of places where you can get the adult onesie that you might be looking for.

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