Adult Plastic Pants Protect Against Leaks and Oders

Adult plastic pants are generally meant to be worn with cloth diapers and are meant to contain all liquids within.

Due to their design there are some who will wear plastic pants over their disposable diapers as extra protection against leaks.

 While disposable diapers aren't typically worn with plastic pants they do provide more security and peace of mind for those who are leak prone. 

They also help reduce odor emissions from the fecally incontinent too.

There are a number of different places around for you to aquire a good pair of adult plastic pants.

Our top choices are and

Both of these places have a wide selection of different types of plastic pants currently available.

Of course,  as our list of reviews on plastic pants grows so will our list of places we recommend going to get them.

If your looking for adult plastic pants you may have noticed there is quite a variety available out there.

Unfortunately we haven't had the opportunity to try very many of them just yet.

We will be getting our hands on more brands throughout the duration of this year so if your interested in learning more on what we find out be sure to come back every so often and check out our most recent updates.  

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So far the only one that we have tried are the Leakmaster PUL Pull on Pants from

They work great for cloth diapers and give disposables a little extra umph when you need to push them to go an extra mile.

They are especially great to wear over disposables when one is using several booster pads.  Some people do this at night to ensure extra absorbency.

Occasionally though when one attempts this, the extra pads inside the diaper rise up over the leakguards and instead of preventing bedwetting it actually can cause it.  

That's where plastic pants might come in handy for the avid disposable wearer.

Wearing thickly padded adult diapers and plastic pants might make your midsection a bit thicker than normal but they sure do provide you with a lot more peace of mind.

Well... peace of mind that you won't have to change for a while and won't have to worry about a rash.  

Going out like thats another story.  Ha ha!

Plastic pants are that extra insurance that your not going to make a mess on your clothes or furniture.

While the only ones we have yet to try are plain white,  there are a number of different colors, styles and patterns to choose from.  Most of them are pull ups but some snap at the waist if thats something that would be easier for you.

Who says that just because your incontinent that you can't have a sense of style too?

While most products offerred today are kind of plain there are a few out there that seek to incorporate a sense of style into their products. Whether or not you find that style appealing is another story.

We will do our best to cover the various kinds and places where you can get adult plastic pants in the months to come.   

So book mark us now and come back for more!

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