Adult Wipes For Cleansing and Incontinence

Just as with adult diapers,  there are many kinds of adult wipes and disposable washcloths available to choose from.

Many lines of adult diapers offer their own disposable washcloths giving us wipes with a variety of properties.  From size to variations on different types of lotions.

Most of them come in packages with flip lids for easy access and some are even microwavable so that their not cold on the skin!

There are hypoallergenic and even dry wipes for those who have sensitive skin to some of the various lotions in the other wipes.

Most adult sized wipes measure somewhere around the 8 inches by 12 inches.  Some a little bit more and some a little bit less.

They are generally used for incontinence can also be used to clean up any area of the body that needs cleansing.  Including faces and hands!

Tranquility Wipes

Tranquility Adult Wipes

Tranquility wipes are available in various places online.  

Be careful when your ordering them though because some sites may not make it all that clear as to how many your getting.  It can be somewhat confusing actually. is one of our favorite places online to get incontinence products and they make it quite clear as to what your getting and for how much.

There they have Tranquility Wipes in Soft Packs and Travel Packs. The Travel packs holds 16 wipes measuring 9 inches by 13 inches. Making it much more convienient to be carrying around in a book bag or purse.

These go for 2.49 a pack or 24.95 for a case of 12 packs.

They also come in larger packs of 50.  One pack will cost 5.25 while a case of 7 packs will run you 32.95.

They are alcohol free,  hypoallergenic, and premoistened with aloe.

Nice N Clean Unscented Baby Wipes

These wipes are a really great buy. They're much cheaper than the rest and do great with clean up.

Nice N Clean Baby Wipes

They are also alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and premoistened with aloe.  

The travel packs will cost you 2.49 for a pack of 40,  7 inch by 8 inch wipes. Even though they're baby wipes they are large enough and durable enough to be used on adults as well.

A whole case of travel packs will come with 12 packages costing you 26.89.

Then there is the larger packs of 80 that go for 3.75 for one or 19.99 for a case of 6 packages.

That should last for quite a while!

Tena Disposable Washcloths

Tena offers an adult wipe that includes aloe, chamomile and floral scented lotion.  Contrary to the previous two wipes we've reviewed above, these are alcohol free.

Tena Adult Wipes

They also contain dimethicone which is used in many skin care products. Dimethicone is a type of silicone oil that stays on the skin to form a barrier of protection.  

This wipe will help keep your skin well protected from developing a rash if used in conjunction with other diaper rash prevention techniques.

Measuring 8 inches by 12 and half inches its surface coverage and durability are sure to clean up any mess in a breeze.

Available in Classic and Ultra. The Ultra Wipes are a bit more expensive and include vitamin E while the classics offer a bit more bang for your buck.

A case of Ultra will cost 39.95 for 8 packages of 48 disposable washcloths while a single package will be 5.50.

A case of Classic will cost 45.95 for 12 packages of 48 with a single package going for 4.25.  

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