Calling All Adults Wearing Diapers!

For adults wearing diapers,  life can be isolating.  Whether you wear them out of a physical disability or you wear them for psychological reasons it can cause much social distress in a persons life.

We all have a story and we all have issues that we need to vent.

The beautiful thing about the internet is that it helps to bring people sufferring from similar problems together.  It helps people to be more resourceful when it comes to resolving their personal issues by learning from the experiences of others.

The kinds of issues that may be embarassing to talk about any other way.  

Needing to wear diapers is definitely one of these issues.

Adults Wearing Diapers Are Everywhere!

Believe it or not,  there are adults in diapers all over the place!

You just don't know it because the diapers are doing their job!!! Are you one of them?

Here's a man's blog and story who should be admired and revered by all who suffer from some sort of incontinence condition.

Hopefully you find his willingness to lead by example as admirable as I do.

The point of view here I want to enstill is whether you need diapers because you can no longer control your bodily functions or you need them for psychological reasons,  these are both medical conditions and you deserve to have a place to share and learn from the challenges of others. 

We'd like to make this a place where anyone who needs to wear diapers for whatever reason can share their stories and challenges.

With that said,  we'd like to ask that you please keep your stories appropriate and helpful otherwise we will not accept them.

This site is meant to help those of us who wear diapers to better find the diapers we need.

This page specifically is to help us learn from each others valuable experiences.  Whether those be with particular products or with the challenges that come with needing those products.

Things like what incontinence products you've tried and how well they performed are great!

Have you just recently been having accidents?  Have you recently started wetting the bed?

If so how has this effected your life?  How does it make you feel? What have you tried doing about it?

Maybe you've been a bedwetter your whole life...if this is the case how have you learned to cope with it?  What have you told potential partners?  When do you tell them?

What type of incontinence,  if any, have you been diagnosed with?

Have you tried any treatments for it?  Did they work?  Why or why not?

Are you considering diapers but aren't sure yet?  Why or why not?

Are you concerned about what others might think?

Considering sharing your secret with someone...?

Vent your concerns and frustrations.  Get responses from others who have been through it!

So if you adults wearing diapers out there feel like you have a valuable experience to share,  have a question to ask our visitors or you just want to get something off your chest, share your story today!!!!

Add YOUR story today!

Are you an adult who has been incontinent for some time now? Do you have valuable experiences that others might benefit from?

By sharing your story and challenges that you've had to face you can help others out there to benefit from your experiences. Not to mention you get the theraputic benefit of venting your challenges and frustrations.

How has needing to wear diapers effect your life? how has it effected your relationships?

How do you go about telling a prospective partner?

Maybe you wear diapers out of a psychological need or unexplainable desier. If this is the case, how has this need effected your life?

In what ways has it been a challenge?

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I have a 14 year old daughter who has incontinence. She has Autism, and Epilepsy - and she is AMAZING! She has taught me so much! One challenge …

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