Attends Diapers

Attends Diapers

Attends Diapers offer products with reasonable amounts of protection. They definitely have some adult diapers you may be interested in trying.

We find that their incontinence products generally are a level under what they advertise them to be.

So if their product says its for medium to heavy incontinence then it most likely is for light to medium incontinence.

Most of the attends products offered are pretty thin. Combine that with their breathable exteriors that they feature and they are a more discrete option for those who have social activities.

Due to their thiness though they don't absorb very much and may spring a leak quite easily.

It comes highly recommended to use a diaper doubler with most attends diapers if your anything more than lightly incontinent. Otherwise you'll find yourself needing a change once an hour!

That's not very economic or feasible is it?

Luckily there are plenty of other options if you don't like what Attends has to offer.

Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs

Attends Breathable Briefs

Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs are advertised by Attends to be for heavy to severe incontinence. We say their more for light to moderate incontinence.

The breathable briefs offer a number of pluses though.

They don't emit loud crinkling sounds and the tapes are easily refastened multiple times. So there's no worries of tape failures with these diapers!

On the other hand they don't hold that much fluid which may not be desireable unless you feel like changing very frequently. Something like once every hour. Maybe once every two hours...

The breathable attends breifs are great for the skin and help to keep fresh air circulating to it . The only problem is when the diaper starts to get saturated with urine it will start to emit noticable smells.

This will happen even more if you decide to use a booster pad to help increase capacity. Before you do that though check out the Extended Wear Briefs below.

Attends Extended Wear Breathable Briefs

Attends Extended Wear

The Extended Breathable Brief is one of Attends Diapers' best prodcts. They have themselves a winner with this one.

Its the only one that I would recommend for bedwetters or heavy incontinence. Its the only attends product I would wear without the use of a booster pad too. Although if you added a booster pad to it it will make it last even longer which is fine by my book.

These attends briefs hold quite a bit and are nice because they let the skin breath.

Plus the velcro tapes are easily adjustable as many times as you might need. As you become a more seasoned diaper wearer you'll find this to be a valuable asset to have.

Sometimes you don't tape them up right or they get loose and it's necessary to tighten or loosen their hold.

Its not that easy to do that with traditional plastic shelled diapers. The tapes generally stick to the plastic and tear it right off if you try to readjust them.

Other times they don't stick at all due to oils or powders getting onto the diaper's exterior.

Attends Overnight Protective Underwear

Attends Overnight Underwear

I personally would not recommend attends diapers protective underwear for wearing overnight. This name is quite misleading.

They do not adequately protect from the tossing and turning of the person sleeping.

These would be adequate for someone who suffers from stress incontinence.

Any type of incontinence that doesn't require heavy absorption really.

Its good for small leakage here and there but won't provide people with more serious conditions with the amount of protection necessary to avoid an embarrassing mishap.

Even though its not high on my list of recommendations it never hurts to try different things. Its the only way you'll find what you like and don't like.

I will say however, that if you are going to try it save for later on down the road. There's better adult pull up diapers available.

Attends Briefs Waistband Style

Attends Briefs

These aren't the most absorbent product either but the attends diapers having elastic waistbands make them fit quite nicely.

Another downside to this diaper is the noise factor. These are some noisy, crinkly diapers!

They crinkle a lot but we find this can be minimized if you have a pair of underwear that can fit tightly and snugly around it.

For men, we recommend briefs over boxers but not boxer briefs.

Boxers don't really do much unless they're tight then they may work alright. Boxer briefs will end up being uncomfortable and may give you a rash on your inner thigh.

Not always though and sometimes they are a good option.

Ladies, maybe you can figure out something similar like a tight pair of panties.

Then there's always different kinds of mesh pants and body stockings that are specially designed to hold incontinence products tightly in place.

The attends waistband diapers have three tapes.

They generally are pretty strong and stick well so long as you don't get any oil or powder on them they should stick just fine. They only stick once though so be sure to get them where you need them.

If you try to readjust them later the diaper will tear making it unusable.

The biggest factor going for these attends briefs have going for them is the elastic waistbands which make for a comfortable fit.

Attends Shaped Pads

Shaped Pads from Attends offer a pretty decent option to the regular taped style attends diapers.

These are made to be worn with a tight fitting undergarmet. Men can use briefs or boxer breifs and women can use panties large enough to contain the pad.

It is a thick pad that is pretty much a diaper minus the tapes on the sides.

They absorb quite a bit but the fact that they don't have tapes on the sides to hold the protection firmly in place leads us to think that once wet the weight will make the garmet sag.  

This in turn will pull the protection too far away for the leak guards to be effective leading to a possible mishap. This isn't very comforting.  We wear protection so as not to worry about any possible accidents.

So if you do choose this as your form of dignity assurance then be sure to wear them with something tight.  Biker shorts would work well too.

On the plus side they are absorbable enough not to have to worry about leaks for a quite a while and they're pretty good if your out and about on the go.

The thing that makes these ideal for that is their ease of change on the go.  All you have to do is slip your underwear down far enough to pull the dirty pad out,  clean up and slip a new one in its place.

No material to step in and out of,  so you don't have to remove all your clothes, and no pesky tapes to mess with which can be difficult if your in a public bathroom.

Not to mention each tape is like a deafening gun shot screaming to the world that your wearing a diaper.

Attends diapers do offer a line of decent products to choose from. In fact you may even be able to find a package in your local drugstores.

So either try some by ordering offline today or head up to your local store to see if they have any attends diapers them in stock!

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