Being a Bedwetter

Being A Bedwetter

Being a bedwetter is no easy road to walk.

Referred to by the medical community as nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting can be tough to deal with at any age.

For kids its tough because of the immense social stigma attached to it. It can produce feelings of inadequacy and fear.

This may not be such a problem in younger kids but as they get older and older, and the problem persists, their feelings about bed wetting will grow more complex. They will want to attend sleepovers but be too afraid to because of their little problem.

Often times there are treatments that can help.  From various medications to bedwetting alarms. There are even some special clinics out there that have high rates of success.

As the problem continues you may jump through hoop after hoop trying to figure out ways to get it to stop only to find none of them effective.

As a bed wetter,  its important to understand that your not alone.  Whether its a child,  teen or adult people of every age suffer from this problem.

Yes,  that's right,  there is adult bedwetting too!

Many people who suffer from bed wetting choose the comfort and security offered by diapers.

They will help you get a full nights rest and eliminate those annoying messes that you always have to clean up.

Bed wetter sleepover

There are plenty of different brands to choose from that offer discretion and are completely unnoticable.

This way kids can attend slumber parties and keep their problem private while adults are free to share their bed with a loved one.

I'm sure you can imagine the stress this could cause in a person no matter what age they are.  If you find yourself here you probably don't have to!

Finding a Partner

Bedwetting rarely persists beyond the early teen years but if it does then adult bedwetters have to deal with the challenge of how to tell potential partners.

Obviously your going to want to get to know a person first before you confess such an intimate secret. Let them get to know you a bit too and maybe it won't be so hard to come out of the "bed wetter closet" so to speak.

Its very nerve wracking to do because there's always this constant fear of being rejected or worse....laughter, disgust, and rejection! Or some combination of all of those!!!

You may have to summon some courage at first but after a while you stride through those situations with confidence.

Isolated Adult Bed Wetter

Many times this can be an isolating condition if the person doesn't ever learn how to overcome this fear.

Eventually most people figure out how to approach this topic in their own way.

Maybe sometime down the road we can formulate a forum or meeting place here on this site so that teen and adult bedwetters can more easily find each other and formulate support groups in a safe and regulated setting.

It Gets Easier

Being a bed wetter gets easier as time goes on and becomes like any other regular routine.

You wake up,  clean up and go about your day just like everyone else.  It doesn't have to be a big deal if you don't let it.

You'll find that most people will understand that its a medical condition that some have to live with.  Even kids can understand that.

After all, there are worse things that you can suffer from right?

If you can't get the bedwetting to stop you just adapt and learn to live with it through whatever means you have available to you.

Don't let being a bedwetter stop you from living a complete and fulfilling life.  Don't let it stop you from sharing your life with others either!

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