The Best Adult Diapers Today

(The best adult diapers in the picture from left to right are: Seni Quatro Briefs,  Confidry 24/7, Abena Premium Briefs Level 3 and Abena Premium Briefs Level 2.)

Side Note: I have yet to fully review the Seni Quatro Briefs but from what I've experienced thus far I may need to add them to the list of diapers below!

When it comes to the best adult diapers there is a number of different ways we can approach this. Here we're going to break it down into subcategories that we think you may be interested in knowing the best of.

We have the "Best Bang for Your Buck" which will tell you about the diapers that will cost you the least in the long run.

Then we will discuss a few of "The Best Adult Pull Ups" that you should give a try.

After that we will get into "The Best Adult Cloth Diapers" and finally we will finish it out with "The Best Adult Diapers for Discretion."

Also,  if you disagree or have your own list of the best adult diapers available today feel free to add them in the comments below!

The Best Bang for Your Buck

The best adult diapers in the absorption department would be Dry 24/7, Abena and the new Absorbency Plus. In that order too!

Now,  if you know anything about any of these diapers then you already know these are the most expensive ones on the market. However,  they will definitely cost you less in the long run so long as you maximize the use of each diapers absorbent capacity.

This is why we've categorized it as "The Most Bang for your Buck". It's not about how cheap it initially is. It's about how much money you end up spending over time.

Not only that,  you will feel much more comfortable and secure in these diapers.

The Dry 24/7 absorbs the most at roughly 90 ounces of fluid with Abena M4 a close runner up at 65 ounces. This translates into hours of protection keeping your skin dry and healthy extended periods of time.

All of the diapers in this section are great for urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence or even double incontinence!

They shall we sayy...heavy duty diapers? Bah ha ha I crack myself up.

When I originally wrote this article Dry 24/7 products had been unavailable for almost a year. They have finally returned and their product is every bit as good as it was before!

Their new line of diapers is called ConfiDry 24/7 and is now available for your protective needs.

The Abena XPlus has long been a heavyweight able to absorb any punches you might throw at it. It used to be the only decent diaper on the market for years.

It's got some competition now but it still holds its position as one of the top dogs. It's the Level 4's in any size that will be the most absorbent. I highly recommend giving them a try if you never have. Definitely one of the best diapers out there.

Next on this list is a newcomer to the game of manufacturing diapers but they've been selling them for quite some time. This would be XPMedicals Absorbency Plus.

In their first year out they have undegone numerous changes.(he he)

They're the only diaper manufacturer that I know of that will adamantly listen to their customers feedback and integrate that feedback as quickly as possible.

It's been a few months since I've tried this diaper and I'm sure it's undergone several iterations since then. A great diaper made by a well respected and responsive company.

The Best Adult Pull Ups

When it comes to adult pull ups its difficult to really narrow it down to a best. In my opinion most of them are terrible.

One pull up I'd recommend is the Tena Extra Absorbent Protective underwear.

These do an okay job but are really only meant for light forms of incontinence. These would not be good for someone with more severe forms of incontinence.

If you have urge incontinence and tend to flood your diaper then it may be wise to get something with more absorption than a pull up.

On the other hand,  if your one of the millions out there that suffers from stress incontinence or very minimal leakage then the pull ups mentioned here should be a great fit for you!

The only other adult pull ups I might be comfortable recommending is the new Wellness Pull Ups. Both of these brands actually fit quite snugly which is unlike most other adult pull ups.

I'm usually not one to use adult pull ups so it's difficult for me to narrow it down to a few of the best within this category. My experience with them is a bit limited.

I haven't considered Depends as one of the best in a very long time but I suppose Depends can be put on this list again. Maybe not for absorbency but for price and style.

Not to mention their massive effort at reducing the stigma with their #DropYourPants campaign. While I was skeptical at first and saw it as a self serving marketing ploy it has begun to grow.

It has sort of won me over. No matter if its self serving or not I believe it is indeed helping to alter the stigma. So I'm on board.

Let's make wearing diapers cool! 

The Best Adult Cloth Diapers

The best cloth diapers available would be the All In One cloth diapers. These are the best for their ease of use.

If you've ever tried adult cloth diapers then you know it can be quite difficult to diaper yourself with diaper pins.

The AIO Cloth Diapers make it easy and convenient with velcro tabs. They also have an exterior guard built into the product so that you won't be needing any plastic pants either.

These would are a great product to have for bedwetters to help reduce monthly costs. They probably aren't the best diaper to wear out and about during daily activities though due to their inherent bulkiness.

They are however the best adult diapers for those who would like a healthy cloth alternative without the hastle of pins.

Cloth diapers are another area of products where I don't have too much experience. I know that there are a ton of cloth diapers out there that I have yet to try that probably should be included on this page.

At this point in time this is the only one I can confidently recommend to anyone out there with bladder issues. Whether your a bedwetter or totally incontinent you should all have at least one or two cloth diapers for those "just in case times" when you run out of disposables.

The Best Adult Diapers For Discretion

Here is a comparison of the Abena Premium Level 2s on the left, then its Abena Premium Level 3s in the middle juxtaposed against the thickness of the Confidry. I'm sure you can tell that any of the lower level Abena Diapers will be more discreet. 

When your looking for the most absorbent and the most discretion I would recommend the Abena brand in one of their lower levels of absorbency.

Their Level 1's and Level 2's of any size are generally very discreet and still quite absorbent. Leaving you feeling confident that no one will notice and that you won't leak.

Other great diapers for discretion would include Prevail Breezer's and Attends Extended Wear Briefs.

Tranquility also has a very thin breathable brief called Slimline available that we like to recommend for exercising.  These diapers won't last very long but that's okay when your planning on hitting the gym for an hour.

The one drawback to most of these diapers is their breathable exterior. While it's great for letting the skin breathe it also lets the diaper exhale its odor into the air.

Which can be a bit discomforting if you can smell yourself and someone comes up to you or is close to you. You know they can smell it too. So this is something to be aware of.

This is easy to combat though by changing when needed.

So if your looking for the best adult diapers for any of these categories or situations we hope that you find our recommendations useful!

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