Bowel Problems

There are a large number of afflictions that can cause one to have bowel problems.

This article will be focused more on those issues that cause or can cause incontinence.

As with all other forms of incontinence, bowel incontinence issues show no prejudice. They can strike anyone at any age.

So if you've been recently finding yourself utterring the words "I pooped my pants again?!?"  then you may want to review some of the causes listed below.

They will give you a better idea as to what  might be causing your bowel problems.

A few of these bowel issues are caused by but not limited to:

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy- A symptom of diabetes that can cause reduced reception signals due to damage to the nerves.

Rectal Inflammation- This is generally caused by an infection in the rectum which can be caused by a number of other afflictions.

Reduced Rectal Sensation- A loss of sensation of when one needs to have a BM.

Rectal Surgery- A surgury on the rectum that effected ones ability to sense the need for a BM.


Brain Tumors

Reduced Rectal Capacity

Dementia- Dementia can cause a decreased ability to know whats going on in and around you.

Chronic Constipation- Constipation can lead to bowel incontinence when there is a hardened mass in the rectum. This can put pressure on the nerves that send signals to the brain indicating its time to go which can lead to bowel incontinence and bladder incontinence.

Colon Cancer


Peripheral Neuropathy

Spinal Cord Conditions- Spinal cord injuries can lead to both bowel incontinence and bladder incontinence.

Childbirth- Childbirth is another event that can cause a lot of damage to that ever so sensitive region that governs our bodily funtions. Women who have given birth are more suseptable to both bowel and bladder incontinence.

Pelvic Floor Weakness- Pelvic floor weakness can be caused by a number of things but the most common reason to weakness in the pelvic floor muscle is due to aging.

As always, and i'm sure this goes without saying, its best to see a doctor for a proper assesment of the causes of your symptoms.

Especially if you've been experiencing bowel leakage or an occasional loss of bowel control. Double especially for complete bowel incontinence!

As you can see some of the causes can be very serious and should be addressed as soon as possible while other causes are easily treatable with the right diet and medications.

Occasionally, it can be medications that cause the symptoms to begin with.

Whatever the causes are to your bowel problems there are many different approaches for treatment and management.

Don't let it reduce your quality of life!

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