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Last Updated: 10/30/2015

There are all sorts of diapers for adults out there. So it really can be tough to know where to start when you first are submerged into this new found situation your in. 

In a lot of ways it is like standing on the edge of a cliff and overlooking a foreign landscape. One full of unexplored territory and unusual challenges.

It can certainly be intimidating and confusing when you are thrust into it unexpectedly. Up until now you would have to wade your way through treacherous streams of shame all on your own until you found something that could dam the flow.

The good news is you now have sites and companies like us who seek to be your guides through the rapids into more manageable waters. We'll make sure you have a well padded rump to soften the landing on the shores of incontinence.

When you first become incontinent often times you will start by going to your local drugstore and seeing what sort of adult diapers you can get there.

Have you already tried to buy adult diapers from your local drugstore store and found them to be, how shall we say, errr...inadequate for your needs? You will quickly discover that they're not the best adult diapers available.

That is usually what happens to most people. They try the store brands and end up with wet pants anyways. 

Then there is the anxiety that can be caused by trying to buy diapers in your local stores.

I remember my first time buying adult diapers. It was nerve wracking to say the least.

A million thoughts were going through my head. "Everyone is going to know these are for me. What if someone I know sees me....? What will I say...?" I used to always have my story lined up and everything if I did run into someone.

I would plan on saying things like "Oh these,  they're for my grandma..."  or "my little brother has been wetting the bed so my mom sent me to get these",  ha ha ha. 

What's funny about that is that I was the bed wetter.

This was years ago when I still bought diapers in the store before I was old enough to order them online. Luckily I never had to tell such an obvious lie.

Are you possibly just too embarassed to go to the store to buy your incontinence protection?

Nowadays that's where the internet comes in! Gotta love technology right?!?

With the convenience and privacy of the internet you can browse around and find more diapers for adults than ever before!

In this section of the site we will be reviewing as many diapers for adults as we can get our hands on. This way you have much more information on what will be best for you and your situation.

Then once you've found one from us that you like you can even purchase it here as well!

This is a recent development and we are happy to be able to offer you products at a lower price than anyone else.

We're still working our way through the site to get all the disposable products up for sale but within the next few months or two we should have anything you might want or need!!!

Online VS Store Bought

Buying Diapers for Adults online
Buying Diapers for Adults in Stores

With the growing competition online, and the added privacy shopping online offers, it's hard to see a future where buying incontinence protection in a store will continue.

Ultimately this battle between the two will be won out by the larger variety of quality options one can find online.  On top of that it provides you access to stress free shopping and easy access to experts such as myself or my partner Brittany.

When trying to find the right diapers for adults for your specific situation it can sometimes help to have someone to guide you through what may be uncharted territory for you.

There certainly won't be anybody in Walmart or Walgreens that will be able to assist you with your troubles. Then there is the added benefit that it is easier to discuss these sorts of issues when you don't have to do it face to face with someone.

Add to the fact that Brittany and myself are both incontinent adults and you know that we understand your situation better than anyone.

That said, this site is jam packed full of reviews from us and visitors such as yourself on all the different diapers for adults currently available. Have a look around and see what you can gather on your own. 

Our Reviews and The Diaper Dynamo Rating System

Some of you may already know me as "The Diaper Dynamo" from YouTube. If you have been following my recent releases then you already know that I have been working to develop a more official "Diaper Dynamo Rating System".

Being a business man out to make a living by selling diapers, I realize that I need some sort of methodology that can transcend any personal biases one might have towards any product in particular.

Up until now I have always just gone by reporting my experiences with a product quite loosely. This is a subject that has been weighing on my mind for some time so I finally decided to act on it

I'm still working out some of the details but am honing in on a much better technique to use. We will then be applying it to all of our reviews so that we can make sure we are providing you with high quality information.

Better Selection AND Better Protection!

Normally at your local stores all you'll find are Depends and some store brand diapers for adults displayed on the shelf but there are a lot more brands out there to choose from.

Not only that, they are far better than the ones you find in your local stores. They absorb more, smell less, are more comfortable and more reliable.

There is no point in wearing an adult diaper if it is going to leak. That leads right back to the exact situation you are trying to avoid.

The good news is that most online companies that distribute diapers for adults ship them in unmarked boxes. 

Completely eliminating the stress that some may experience when buying them in stores AND offering a more quality selection.

Now that's what I call a win win scenario!

Even for the companies that don't have unmarked boxes they will usually ship in the manufacturers box with their logo on it. The good news there is that even if that is the case no one will know what it is unless they too wear adult diapers.

Otherwise how would they know what the company logo looks like? Not to mention pretty much the only person who is going to see the box will be the delivery driver.

Now I know it can take a while to become comfortable admitting that you need to wear adult diapers but it starts with small steps along the way. Getting to the level where you don't care what your delivery driver thinks is an important step in this process.

If you're new to needing diapers then you probably have never heard of a whole slew of the best brands out there. Brands like Abena, Confidry, Absorbency Plus and Wellness just to name a few. So those who don't need them will never know what is inside that box.

Abena and ConfiDry 24/7 offer the most absorbent products should you be in need of protection that can go longer and hold more.

These are the Cadillacs of adult diapers! They're big, they're comfy, and they cost a bit more than the others. Well worth the cost though and actually ends up being cheaper because you are changing much less frequently.

These thick adult diapers are sure to last for any situation you might find yourself in!  

Now,  when it comes to these types of diapers they can hold so much that the weight of the diaper may cause it to begin to sag. If you're having problems with diapers sagging off your hips you can try an adult onesie to help hold the garmet in place.

You can even use one of our A&A Diaper Covers for this too! Not only will they help support a weighty diaper but they will also protect against leaks!!!

Either one of these accessories will help when it comes to wearing diapers for adults that can absorb that much. Plus with a diaper cover over your diaper there are less chances of being exposed.

Just be sure to change regularly so that you don't get a rash! 

That responsibility goes double for you caregivers out there!

I know that adult diaper changing isn't the most glamorous part of your job but some folks do need help with these sorts of things. Having compassion towards their situation is a mark of professionalism and integrity.

Then there's those of us who are perfectly capable of changing our own diapers.  It's not too difficult to accomplish at home but the real challenges begin to come up when one is changing on the go.

There are a few tips and techniques to discover throughout the site. 

You will no doubt learn what works best for you along the way but these it couldn't hurt to draw from the knowledge of those who have been through it all before.

There are many of what we would call mid level quality diapers for adults available out there.

Attends, Molicare, Prevail, Tranquility and Tena all rate at about the same level in protection. They are thinner, they offer a bit more discretion in a sense that your not so poofy in the midsection and are generally silent due to having a cloth exterior.

Of course this is a vague generalization. There's pros and cons to all diapers for adults that are currently available.

Some of those have plastic exteriors that are pretty noisy and can be a bit discomforting to the self conscious. So that is something to watch out for. 

The good news is we have tips to overcome that as well!

We'll go into more specific details on each one later as we subject each product to a rigorous review process. 

If you find you like a particular diaper, but it doesn't offer enough absorption, you can always add some diaper doublers to your order!

Whatever you end up getting be sure to remember that they're intended to help enable you to live a fulfilling life.

Many folks who suffer from incontinence tend to keep to themselves and socially isolate themselves out of fear of ridicule. Please don't let this mindset take a hold of you!

Get out there and get active! That is the reason you are wearing diapers! So you can live life as normally as possible.

If you want to go for a swim then throw on an adult swim diaper. Then throw on your bathing suit over it and go. Live life to the fullest!!!

Don't let incontinence put a limitation to your activities. Especially if you're a young and able bodied adult whose main issue is incontinence.

Judging from my years of doing this and knowing my audience pretty well there is a 95% chance that you are within the age range of 18-50. Don't allow yourself to feel so ashamed about it that you don't spend time with your friends.

Strap up and get out!

Reducing Waste

While there is a large variety of disposable diapers for adults there are also some quality adult cloth diapers too.

As you might imagine,  as the disposable adult diaper industry has grown along with the global population,  so has the amount of waste caused by diapers for adults.

There is a greater need today to raise awareness of the innovations in adult cloth diapers that make them a convenient and eco friendly choice for adults too. Probably more so than with babies.

Incontinent adults wear diapers 24/7 for far longer than 3 years. So their ecological impact is far larger than babies.

We here at wearing-adult-diapers.com have recently started offering our first ever cloth products! We hope to grow to help have an impact on this ecological footprint in a number of ways.

Offering cool and easy to use adult cloth diapers is just the first step in a multi tiered plan.

If you are incontinent and have environmental and/or monetary concerns,  then you may be interested in acquiring some cloth diapers to add to your adult diaper supply.

Beyond the use of adult cloth diapers there are other avenues to reduce the waste caused by incontinence products.

One company out of Japan offers a diaper disposal machine that turns used adult diapers into fuel for bio mass boilers and stoves. Effectively turning what is a potentially hazardous environmental hazard into a renewable source of energy!

Of course not all of us have access to such technologies and are stuck having to try to reduce our ecological foot print in other ways.  Adult cloth diapers offer us an environmentally friendly alternative!

One downside of cloth diapers for adults is that they aren't exactly ideal for traveling. Especially if your going to be flying wearing adult diapers.

You won't want those metal pins to single you out for a pat down! That is if you use the pin up kind.

The good news is that none of our cloth diapers for adults require the usage of those old school diaper pins. We're working hard to bring the variety that you see in cloth diapers for babies up into the adult incontinence world.

Plus we have a few unique ideas of our own in the works too.

Styles, Sizes and Growing Trends of Diapers For Adults!

Adult diaper companies all offer a selection of sizes and styles for adults wearing diapers.

The different styles comprise of variations in the outershell and how you put the diaper on.

Meaning plastic vs cloth backed and tape up vs pull-on. Most adult diaper manufactures offer different combinations and options of these various features.

Having a variety of these different combinations and options available in your adult diaper supply will give you greater confidence when faced with wearing a diaper to school or work. 

The proper selection of products makes all the difference when managing incontinence discreetly.

It definitely makes going out on that first date more comfortable. Dating in diapers is a whole subject to talk about in and of itself!

Another way to reduce waste,  especially when your trying to find a disposable diaper suitable to your needs,  is to order some adult diaper samples.

For those of you who want to try several different brands and types out before you commit to buying a whole package there are a few places online to get some samples. We currently don't have many available here.

We are still working on getting all of our products up for sale ourselves but once we get the main products up I will then figure out a way to offer some sample packs.

Once you order a box of several different brands and styles you'll be in a far better position to choose something that you're comfortable in and performs well for your needs.

This is especially helpful for finding the proper sizing. When a diaper doesn't fit properly this leads to rashes and leaks.

So if your a larger adult who needs to find a big diaper that works for you be sure to try some samples first. 

Adult Pull up Diapers
Tape up Diapers for Adults

The tape up diapers are usually referred to as briefs while the pull up diapers are normally referred to as underwear. It varies from company to company though.

There are a good amount of brands out there that are beginning to recognize the need for actual style choices in adult protection.

Making adult diapers more stylish and more like real underwear seems like a sensible thing to do. As technology advances and people live for longer and longer the demand for more fashionable protective undergarments is sure to rise.

This trend is completely obvious when you go to your local drugstore and walk down the adult diaper isle. Nearly every brand is tapping into this now!!

Fashionable Adult Diapers

It also helps in steering away from the stigma of a diaper and making them far more suitable 'protective underwear' for adults in need.

There are even a few brands offering incontinence boxers!

This is a trend we're excited about and will be observing with great interest as it grows and develops. While these designs are more attractive and aesthetically pleasing, the real question is are they durable enough to perform as needed?

Will the design and materials used catch and absorb everything to prevent embarassment?

We will find out in due time.

Here at Wearing-Adult-Diapers.com we seek to be all inclusive and to cover as many different types of incontinence products as possible.

In an effort to do that we will be accepting your adult diaper reviews of some of the products that we might not be able to cover due to global location and availability.

We will also be covering some of the various adult baby diapers available out there for the ABDL community.

We feel that some of them are not only great diapers for adults but also a great way to make light of a negative situation.

You might be surprised to discover that even though they're kind of silly they still provide some really great options for incontinence!

All in all we're looking to make living with your need for adult diapers easier and would like to encourage you to shed those fears that might be keeping you from the finer things in life.  

So if your looking to buy diapers for adults, but want to know where to start first, then continue to explore the many reviews we have to offer on all the various diapers for adults! 

On the other hand if you need some tips and advice there's plenty of that laced throughout the site as well! From which diaper to choose for what to how to go about the day to day challenges of living with incontinence we have it all.

Join us on our journey to get our community past the diaper stigma.

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