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Dry 24 7 Adult Diapers

Update 3/30/14:  This review is no longer valid.  After over a year of delays the Dry 24/7 is finally available again!  It now goes by the name ConfiDry and boasts to have more absorbency than before with less bulk!  
Find out how it is here!!!

Dry Care's Dry 24 7 Maximum Absrobency Briefs are THE thickest most absorbent diapers on the market.

Successfuly out doing their main competitor 
Abena X-Plus by delivering an adult diaper thats just as thick but bit more absorbent.

With a capacity of a whopping 90oz these are sure to last for hours! Depending on the person and how much fluid they consume they can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours!

24 7's offer more comfort than the Abena X-Plus. We find that the bottom tapes of Abena's end up digging into the inner thighs. It can get quite uncomfortable after a while.

While this could be due to putting them on improperly we've never experienced this discomfort while wearing the 24 7.

Dry 24 7 is Great for Heavy Bedwetters!

Dry 24 7 diapers are also great for those heavy bedwetters and are said to be available in 3 different sizes. We say said because Dry Care's website claims to have it available in 3 different sizes yet we've only seen it make 2 sizes available to purchase.

Dry 24 7 Diapers

Not sure what's making them wait to release the smaller size but I'm sure they have it in the works.

Where was I...?

Oh yes, their high absorption capacity make them ideal for bedwetting diapers. Combine that with well designed leak guards and you have the best diaper for managing those nigh time emissions.

Great For It All

These thick adult diapers also feature odor control and pH neutralization which helps greatly in reducing odor emissions.

Again, adding to peace of mind knowing that people won't be put off by how you smell.

They can be great for anyone who suffers from severe forms of incontinence. Absorbing large volumes of liquid at once and locking in odors.

From heavy urination incontinence to bowel incontinence this diaper is pretty great for it all.

Well, when it comes to incontinence protection that is...

When it comes to how self conscious you might feel wearing it in public...? Well that is another story.

Save Time AND Money!!!

Dry 24 7s are quite bulky and absorbent adult diapers.

They get even bigger as they absorb fluid and due to their thickness they may not be ideal for going out and about in.

But if you need to wear diapers all the time these will most definitely reduce the amount of times you need to change a day.

Thus helping you save time and money in the long run!

It might not seem like it at first because they're a bit more costly than the rest of the adult diapers on the market.

They'll cost you roughly $1.60 per diaper but the fact that you have to change a lot less should make them much more cost effective in the long run.

For those of you who are quite active, we recommend going clothes shopping wearing one of these diapers to better find clothes that will conceal it to an acceptable degree. Enough to make you feel comfortable when you go out shopping or for a walk in the park.

It shouldn't be too hard to find something that fits nicely and gives you peace of mind.

Preventing Sagging and Leaks

One thing to be aware of with the Dry 24 7s is that as these diapers get wet they begin to sag away from the body. This can lead to some minor leaking.

There are a few different approaches to resolving this problem.

One could be to wear some sort of tight undergarment over them like biker shorts or tight panties.  The biker shorts not only will help hold it up in place but they can also help slim it down.  

Just make sure they aren't so tight that they're uncomfortable on your thighs.

Another approach is to purchase an incontinence body stocking. These are designed to help hold the diaper up in place and keep it from sagging. Most of them have snaps in the crotch for easy changing.

We find that wearing one of these not only helps prevent leaks but also extends the life of the diaper by keeping it close to the body so that it can absorb where needed.

There is also the option of using plastic pants which are designed specifically to prevent leaks from cloth diapers but work well with diposables too.  Though they don't really help to hold the product up when it starts to gain some weight to it.

You could use any one of these or a combination them. In the end what matters the most is your comfort!

Added Protection

Abena Booster Pad

If for some reason if you need added protection, which I expect to be rare with these diapers, then the Abena booster pads work great.

They fit nicely within the leak guards and boost the diapers capacity greatly.

Though this also increases the bulk and there's practically no hiding a diaper that thick!

You may just be able to wear it for the rest of your life! :P

This could be a good idea for someone who is in a wheel chair or bed ridden. It'll help keep their skin dry for extended periods of time while reducing the amount of changes needed from the care giver.

Some may find this to be quite uncomfortable. So if you are taking care of a patient that is capable of communication be sure to discuss it with them to see how they feel.

Be careful to take all the necessary precautions to prevent adult diaper rash too! Otherwise extensive periods in a diaper can become quite unbearable.

I don't foresee too many scenarios where this will be necessary though. The Dry 24 7 is, in my opinion, it the best adult diaper on the market!

What do YOU think about Dry 24/7's?

What do you think about this product? How has it helped you?

In what ways has it not met your needs?

Help others figure out what's right for them by sharing your experience today.

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