Developing a Daily Routine Helps When Managing Your
Fecal Incontinence

Fecal Incontinence Routine
Bowel Incontinence Routine

Having fecal incontinence, also commonly refferred to as bowel incontinence, can be very tough and even psychologically disturbing at first.

It can be traumatizing to be in a public place and suddenly feel the need to have a bowel movement but before you can get to a toilet your body starts letting go. Sometimes you won't even notice it coming and it will just happen while your in the middle of a conversation with someone!

It only takes having one of these experiences for you to start seeking some sort of protection and the advice of a doctor.

Adult Diapers for Bowel Incontinence

Avoiding Mishaps

There are a few things to look for when trying to find the proper fecal protection you need.

We wouldn't recommend any kind of adult pull up for bowel incontinence.

There are however methods and ways to develop a system that allows you to wear lighter incontinence for your days and activities.

Time Your Bowel Movements

Most people have bowel movements at the same time everyday. So if you suffer from bowel incontinence, one approach you can take is to know what times your bowel movements will occur.

This way you can be prepared to change immediately. Once you have your daily bowel movement you should be able to spend the rest of the day in thinner more discreet diapers.

Of course, if your prone to bowel movements at anytime then this approach isn't exactly recommended for you. You will need to wear the heavier protection all the time to ensure you don't have an embarassing mishap.

Speaking of which, it would be a wise idea to have some clean up materials and clean clothes in your car or with you at all times just in case you happen to have that mishap. ;)

Night Time Evacuation

Some people who have fecal incontinence approach it by wearing the more heavy duty diapers at night. Then, when they go to bed they take a suppository so that way their bowels will evacuate during the night and early morning.

Evacuate Your Bowels While Sleeping

This method allows them to wear some of the lighter and thinner undergarments for daytime use. Enabling them greater flixibility in what clothes they feel comfortable wearing.

This could be a useful approach to take because the diapers that are best for bowel incontinence tend to be a bit thicker and more difficult to hide. They generally have a plastic shell due to the increased need for waste and smell containment which means their more likely to have a crinkling sound to them.

There are other options to help reduce the amount of smell emits from a messy diaper. There are some pills you can take that will help reduce the intensity of smell that your bowel movements will have.

You can also try wearing a pair of plastic pants over you disposable diapers to help enclose the smell inside the diaper even more.

So if your someone who needs or desires to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle yet you suffer from bowel incontinence, these are some things you might want to consider trying out.

Adult Diapers for Fecal Incontinence

Some of the best diapers for bowel incontinence are the more heavy duty brands such as Abena and Dry 24/7 . These diaper brands are pretty much all around and good for every type of incontinence.

Dry 24/7 For Fecal Incontinence
Abena Diapers for Bowel Incontinence

The above mentioned brands are a bit thick though and can sometimes be uncomfortable when more mobility is necessary.

Wellness briefs are another great option for bowel incontinence. Their tough plastic exterior holds up nicely and helps to keep the smell in. Plus they are thin enough to be comfortable wearing out and about.

We recommend sticking with the tabbed style adult briefs that most brands offer when it comes to bowel incontinence. This makes for an easier removal and clean up process.

Plus we doubt you will feel protected in anything else.

There are also a variety of adult wipes and washcloths available that are made to clean up bigger messes. Attends offers a line of wipes that are great for the skin because they have a coating of lotion in them that helps to keep the skin from forming a rash.

Attends Adult Wipes

Having a good package of adult wipes really helps with the messy clean ups. Especially when out on the go and unable to take a shower.

The small baby wipes really don't cut it for fecal incontinence.

It is best to stay as clean and sterile as possible because fecal matter will cause your skin to rash up much more quickly than urine will.

So figure out what methods and routines work best for you. You will probably think of better and more personalizes approaches for yourself as time goes on.

Just try not to let having fecal incontinence deter you from living your life. It can be a touch challenge to overcome but once you learn the best methods for you, you can have a healthy, active and embarrassment free social life!

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