Frequent Urination Can Defeat Concentration

Frequent Urination Problems

Everyone loves being in a flow state, but for those with frequent urination problems they find they're too often interrupted by the need for a pee break. Creating a sense of dread and anxiety preventing one from achieving the mind state necessary for peak productivity.

When you find yourself urinating frequently you may shrug it off at first thinking that it was due to drinking too much fluids.

The strange thing is that even when you drink less you still feel this constant need to have to go pee. You find yourself making so many trips to the bathroom a day that you loose count.

This frequent urination can become quite the nuisance causing you to have to embarassingly excuse yourself from your friends every 10 minutes.

Socializing with Frequent Urination

If left unchecked it may even be life threatening. Getting a proper diagnosis after a certain point is important. Especially if it causes you pain or disruption.

It can be the cause to increased stress levels due to the constant discomfort. As a result of this continual discomfort comes a lack of rest from having to go too many times a night.

Frequent urination at night is usually referred to as Nocturia.

Often times there is an increase in self isolation out of fear of being too far from a bathroom or of having an accident.

There are numerous underlying conditions that may be causing you to urinate frequently.

Many of them have treatments and solutions. Fear not. We will illuminate the darkness a bit at a time or you so it is not too overwhelming. There is a lot to know and some of the causes to frequent urination can be a bit scary.

Common Causes to Frequent Urination

The most common cause for frequent urination in men and women is a bladder infection.

This is when bacteria makes its way down the urethra and cozies up in your bladder walls. This will lead to all sorts of discomfort and various other symptoms like urinating frequently.

While men and women can suffer from bladder infections women tend to be more prone due to their anatomy.

The second most common cause to frequent urination in women and men is the development of diabetes. When you have diabetes that hasn't yet been diagnosed your kidney's are working overtime to do something with all that extra sugar.

They can't do anything with it so they dump it into the blood stream and along the way it takes a lot of water with it. Causing you to not only pee more but also to drink more because the whole process has left you thirsty too.

Another thing that causes a lot of people to start urinating frequently is all the various diuretics out there. Many take medicine for hight blood pressure which ultimately will result in a much higher level of urine production do to how they work.

Of course this also includes all those commonly consumed items too. Those things like caffine and alcohol.

Clearly drinking too much can result in urinating frequently so try cutting back if you've been drinking too much latley. This goes for alcohol and caffine mostly.

You don't really want to drink any less water than you are supposed to though. So keep drinking your recommended 8 cups a day.

Analysis and Diagnosis

There are numerous things that can be at the basis of your constant need to urinate and lots of tests to be run to get to the bottom of the matter.

Naturally, there can be different causes to frequent urination in men as opposed to those that cause frequent urination in women.

What ultimately is going on behind the curtains can sometimes be determined from information that can be gathered at the surface. This would be through basic questioning of health history, dietary habits and details on your urination experiences.

Have you been experiencing any other symptoms like back pain or increased thirst? Has it been just frequent trips to the bathroom or have there been cases of incontinence too?

You can help save time and expedite the process by visiting the doctor equipped with a detailed log with various details. Things like how frequently you've been going to the bathroom, what you've been eating and drinking and whether or not you have any pain.

Sometimes after a barrage of questioning further investigation is still needed. This is when they go in a little deeper to figure out what is happenning. They take a more in depth look with the use of various tests.

One of the first things normally done is a Urinalysis. This can help determine whether you might have a urinary tract infection or diabetes by measuring the indicator elements for each.

Another common set of test conducted is Urodynamics Testing. This is basically an assessment of your systems ability to retain and release urine.

There are multiple approaches on how to do this and the approach take depends specifically on the symptoms you are experiencing. Often times they ask you to arrive with a full bladder so that they can test how much and how fast the urine flows out.

The will also run several other tests after that to determine how much pee may still be left in the bladder and how much fluid they can pump into your bladder before you feel the sensation to pee.

They even keep going and have you to try and hold it as long as possible basically to see at what point you will wet yourself.

That is nowhere near the entire gamut of tests that they may want to run you through but I think you get the idea. Proper treatment requires proper diagnosis.

So if you have been urinating frequently and haven't been able to figure out the cause on your own it is time to go see a physician. Of the many causes a few of them can be life threatening so its best to get diagnosed with the proper equipment and by trained professionals.

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