Forms of Incontinence

Types of Incontinence

For a site that advocates and promotes the use of adult diapers for managing incontinence and bedwetting it seems natural to provide some information related to these medical conditions in all of their various forms.

We do however expect that most people who find themselves here are probably familiar with their condition and are looking primarily for reviews on the different kinds of products available.

Incontinence is the medical diagnosis of a person who, for whatever reasons, cannot control their bodily functions. Whether it be a loss of bladder control or a loss of bowel control to varying degrees of severity.

Like many conditions it shows no biases.  It can effect people of any age.  Even teens and youths!

There can be all sorts of causes for this but here is a brief overview of a few different forms that one might suffer from:

  1. Stress: Is when one experiences urine leakage from coughing, sneezing or other movements that may cause the bladder momentary increases in pressure.
  2. Urge: Is the loss of urine suddenly after feeling the need to go. The feeling comes and the bladder almost immediately releases.
  3. Mixed: Can be a mixture of two or more different types.
  4. Fecal: This is the sudden and unexpected release of the bowels.
  5. Urinary: The lack of control of the release of the bladder.
  6. Frequent Urination: When you need to urinate more than 7 times a day then you may be suffering from an overactive bladder. This also includes symptoms of sudden urgency to get to the bathroom and constantly waking up at night to go.
  7. Functional: This occurs in people with certain medical conditions that may prevent them from getting to the toilet on time. From people with alzeihmer's disease that aren't capable of timing it properly to people with hand conditions that make it dificult to get pants down in time.
  8. Overflow: This happens when the bladder isn't emptied properly. It essentially spills over and leaks out.

This list may not be entirely complete and the conditions that cause male incontinence are different from those that cause it females.

Treatments for these various situations can range depending on the condition, the cause, age and sex of the individual experiencing the problems.

While there are many different possibilities for treatment there are also plenty of supplies available for help managing the problem until you can find a treatment that works for you.

Most adult diapers are good for both sexes. There are however a few specially designed male products and female products.

Some are made that way for looks that are more appealing to each sex while others are made that way to have absorption in all the right places.  Male pads would be a great example of that!

From the various kinds of disposable incontinence diapers available to the different types of reusable underwear.  There are plenty of other accessories too like adult wipes, plastic pants,  lotions and even boxers!

There are plenty of options available to help you avoid making a mess of your clothes and to help you clean up as well.

So grab a hold of your condition.  Take control of the situation.  Don't let incontinence control you!

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