Molicare Diapers Are Always A Good Option

Molicare Diapers for Women

Molicare diapers have always been a pretty decent option when it comes to adult diapers.

They offer several different absorbency levels allowing for a nice slim fit when needed or extra padding for those extended overnight needs.

Molicare was one of the first diapers to really provide adequate absoprtion for older kids and heavy bedwetters.

So for years its been recommended on forums and websites as a great diaper for teen bed wetters and adult bed wetters alike.

You will sleep soundly knowing that you won't be waking up to a soaking wet bed.  Unless your a super soaker!

If you or your loved one find that even their most absorbent diaper isn't absorbent enough then you may need to try Abena or Dry 24/7's.  

Another commonly made option would be to try adding some booster pads.

This usually works pretty well too.  Especially for those who need that little extra umph to get through the night without any leaks.

Look and Feel

They come in purple and crinkle quite loudly though.

The purple color may not be appealing to males but its just a color really. I mean we're already wearing diapers as it is. Who can be picky about a color when there's more important matters to be addressed.

Molicare diapers also have an annoyingly loud crinkle that may be unsettling to some. Crinkle noises can usually be muffled or masked quite easily though.

Molicare Diapers For Female Incontinence

Due to the purple color we suspect that this company was originally targeting a more female market. We could be wrong about that.  We are really just speculating here.

It would make sense though seeing as women are twice as likely as men to become incontinent.

Putting those two minor factors of the diaper aside they offer a pretty decent line of products.

Not to mention,  when it comes to incontinence,  being confident your wearing secure protection is more important than how it might look. On the other hand part of being confident is how one feels about themselves and lets face it,  sometimes what we are wearing helps to determine how we feel.

Especially when it comes to incontinence products that are discreet enough to remain undetectable yet absorbent enough to prevent embarassing situations.

Their most absorbent diaper will last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours depending on fluid consumption and whether or not a diaper doubler is used.  Leaving your skin protected and dry for hours!

This is definitely one of the top diapers on the market and one we would recommend trying to anyone.

The Super Plus

Their thickest diaper available,  the super plus,  still fits pretty discreetly under regular clothing.  So their thinner less absorbent versions should be easily concealable! 

They offer a more secure option than adult pull-ups and will hold quite a bit.  We probably will rate them fourth on the best adult diapers list that we are formulating for you.

Keep an eye out for that!

Their super plus diaper is available in three different sizes and comes in packages of 14.

Molicare Diapers

Small     1 package $19.25    

           4 packages $69.95

Medium  1 package  $24.75   

           4 packages $89.95

Large     1 package $27.50    

           4 packages $99.95

So if color makes no difference to you and your looking for something discreet and absorbent go ahead and try a package today!

The super plus is the only level of absorbency of this brand that we've been able to try thus far. We will be ordering and trying the others eventually but we can't say when exactly.

We will get to them eventually though.

We're constantly updating old pages and adding new ones.

So be sure to come back frequently for new reviews, updates and more details on the other molicare diapers avialable!

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