"Help! I Peed My Pants!!!"

Help!  I peed my pants!

Have you recently found yourself saying "Help! I peed my pants!"?

If you have then you've come to the right place!

We know how you feel. We've been there.

Peeing your pants is shocking.

There's almost nothing more surprising then being in the middle of a conversation and realizing that your bladder is beginning to release all over you.

No warning. No indication that you need to go. Nothing!

This can be caused by a number of factors so if this is the first time its happening don't be too worried just yet.

Have you recently started taking any new medications? Have you made any dietary changes?

Sometimes these episodes can be caused by the introduction of new things to our diet.  We can't always predict how our bodies will react to new medications or changes in diet.

You could have developed a food allergy your unaware of. That could be the source of your problems!

Are you feeling any pain in your abdomen or back?  Is your urine cloudy?

You could be sufferring from a urinary tract infection which is easily overcome with the right treatment. If this is something that has become a consistently reoccurring episode, or if your in any pain, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Even if your not in any pain,  if you've been peeing your pants lately, getting a proper diagnosis will go miles towards recovering complete control again.

A Common Problem

Many women who have been pregnant experience periodic wetting episodes due to the stresses caused during birth.

For most women its usually minor forms of incontinence like stress incontinence or an overactive bladder.

For some though the problem can be a bit more serious and may require more secure protection than what you might find in your local stores.

The pads and protective panties you find at your local stores is generally only good for very light forms of incontinence that may be causing you to experience only small amounts of urine leakage.

If you've been sufferring from releases of the bladder that have more volume to them then you may want to go with a more absorbent product like Molicare or Abena X-Plus.

Women aren't the only ones who suffer from bladder problems.

While female incontinence is more common than male incontinence some men have to learn to cope with this issue as well.

Peed Your Pants Today?

Don't worry though guys,  there are lots of products out there designed specifically for your needs too.  There is even some incontinence underwear that looks and feels like real underwear!

When I Peed My Pants

The funny thing is when it first happens your so embarassed you could die but later on it can become a funny story that you tell.

When I peed my pants,  it happenned while I was waiting in line with a friend at the movies. I felt the sudden urge to pee and before I even had a chance to react my bladder started releasing.

I felt the warmth spread across the front of my jeans and my buddy must've noticed the look of shock and horror on my face.

He turned to me and said "Hey are you alright?" Then he looked down as you could hear the fluid leaking onto the floor.

I was so mortified that I was frozen with fear. My face must've turn 16 different shades of red. Then something snapped and I turned to him and said "Looks like we're gonna need to catch a later showing," letting out a nervous laugh.

It was a weak attempt to make light of the situation.

He responded with "Yeah I'm kind of hungry too" and then we both B-Lined it to the car. I think he was just as embarassed and caught off guard as I was that he blurted something out.

That was possibly the most embarassed I've ever been. Luckily the shared experience with my friend brought us closer together.

We both reminisce and laugh about it now.

After I peed my pants in public once, that was all it took for me to start wearing some protection.  The humilation of having peed my pants in public wins over any reservations of needing to wear diapers to stop it from happening again.

Wetting Accidents

Sometimes even kids and teens may suffer from having periodic wetting episodes too.

If your a kid or teen who has had this happen at school then you've got even bigger problems.  Due to a lack of experience, education and programmed social norms kids can be a bit more mean about this to other kids.

It can be tough to do but you just gotta suck it up and hold your head high. If you act like it was nothing then so will everyone else.

Public accidents are embarassing no matter what age you are. Try to joke about it yourself and help people to realize that you couldn't help it.  It just happens sometimes.

Everyone pees their pants at some point in their lives. Whether it be because they got too drunk or maybe they just were so engaged in their activities they didn't realize they had to go.

It happens.

Most accidents in adults and teenagers occur due to incontinence related issues though. Sometimes they are just random occurances but sometimes they can end up being something more.

Peed My Pants Adult Diapers

The point is though, the humiliation will pass, everyone will eventually forget. If you make light of the situation then so will others.

If anyone asks or says anything about it tell them that you have a medical condition and that your addressing it.

Adults have it a bit easier because most other adults tend to have a bit more of a mature outlook on stuff like this. Adults tend to be a bit more understanding. Realizing that this could very well happen to them one day.

Even so, It still can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Maybe even problems if this is a reoccurring event at work or at school.

If your experiencing a consistent loss of bladder control while at school or at work then it may be in your best interest to browse through this site a bit more and learn about the different brands of adult diapers available.

While this isn't a solution to your problem, meaning that it wont get it to stop, it is a way to help get through your day without having to say "Darn it! I peed my pants again...!?!".

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