Expanding The Selection of Pull Ups For Teens

Pull Ups For Teens

There's not much difference between pull ups for teens and pull ups for adults.  

Teen Pull Ups Race Car Diapers

In fact there really is not a category of diapers marketed directly for teens. We suspect there will be a larger variety of teen pull ups and teen diapers emerging as adult diaper companies continue to expand their line of products.

By doing so they can extend their reach to previously unrecognized and neglected segments of the market that are in need as well.  More pull ups for teens and young adults would do just that.

The only incontinence products we've ever seen made for and marketed directly for teens is the Race Car Diapers by QualityDiapers.net.

Unfortunately they don't make teen pull ups.

In an attempt to help normalize the need for wearing diapers they boldy display pictures of older boys proudly modeling their product.

These pictures are intended to help older kids feel its okay that they still need protection.

They also put in red letters on the home page that the models want to help minimize the negative associations with wearing diapers.  Assuring you that both kids and parents are willingly participating.  Stating that  parents attend the photo shoots and allow for the pictures to be shown.

A branch of the same company sells underwear.  We mention this because they've been selling underwear longer than diapers and are more established in that arena.

According to the person we corresponded with from the company, they began producing diapers in an effort to meet a demand that arose out of selling their Tiger Four Panel Traniers.

Tiger Training Pants are described as having a four panel absorbent front and a four panel seat though they are not meant for incontinence.

They do fit snugly and comfortably with an incontinence pad but that's about their extent of application in this department.

So while the Race Car Diaper isn't a teen pull up it is made for older boys,  teens and young adults.

The most commonly heard of pull ups for teens is the well known Goodnites brand. They have tried to make their product more desirable to older kids by adding some age appropriate graphics but none of them look like the kind of underwear a teenager might want to wear.

Nor can they absorb as much as a teenager needs.

Often times when kids and parents try using Goodnites they find them to be inadequate for their needs.  Which is another reason why we've mentioned Race Car Diapers on this page.

Their aimed directly towards those of you who have had this sort of experience.

Then there's Dry Nites too.  These appear to be the UK version of Goodnites.

Both products are made and distributed by Kimberly Clark.

When it comes to pull ups for teens we think that there should be a variety of underwear like choices for teens and young adults who need them.

Something that they can slip on and off easily,  provides ample amounts of protection,  yet looks and feels like real underwear.

The pull-ups offered for adults today really don't consider young adults or teenagers. Most of the adult pull-ups look a bit like granny panties which will put off any young adult who may have to wear them no matter what gender they are.

Not to mention this type of design does little to keep fluids inside the garmet which defeats the purpose of even wearing it.

Incontinent teens need a teen pull up that can provide them with the protection they need with a look that makes them feel comfortable and confident.  

Confident that they won't get teased if someone happens to notice their underwear. Confident that they aren't waddling due to a buldge between their legs. Most importantly though,   confident that there will be no leaks and maximum protection.

Giving them the freedom to participate in school sports or go to social events without a worry.

Teen Pull Ups Available Today

As previously stated,  when we speak of pull ups for teens available today we're really talking about either small adult pull ups or large kids pull ups.

In the adult pull ups category we have a few good ones worth trying out. 

Tena's small pull ups should fit smaller to average sized teens of both genders.  Fitting nice and snugly they conceal under clothing easily and offer light to moderate protection with a Tranquilty Booster Pad.

Another decent pull-up worth checking out for teens and young adults would be the Abena Abri Flex Pull Ons.

These offer light to moderate incontinence protection as well and are not recommended for overnight use.

In fact there aren't many(if any) kinds of pull ups that we recommend for night use.  Most will leak.

Finally there are several different types of reusable incontinence underwear that may be of interest to any teen or young adult sufferring from bladder leakage or stress incontinence.

These will not only save on money but also provide a level of psychological comfort due to their looking like regular underwear.

We will be conducting further investigations and reviews over the course of the months to come.

Be sure to check back periodically to see what new discoveries we might dig up!  Who knows...we may just find some pull ups for teens worth pointing you towards.

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