Teen Diapers Build Confidence and Independence!

Teen Diapers Build Confidence

Teen diapers may not be the most appealing option to you or your teenager but when facing the consequences of not wearing incontinence protection it can look more and more like a good idea.

For most people it would take only one humiliating public accident to decide to find some sort of adult diaper to wear to prevent it from happening again.

For a teen... one humiliating accident at school is social suicide!

From teen incontinence to teen bedwetting,  there are more than a few teenagers out there that have a need for teen sized diapers.

Discreet diapers for teens can help incontinent and bedwetting teens build their independence. Thus contributing to their confidence and mental well being.

Overcoming the Challenge

It can be especially difficult for a teen to tackle incontinence and bedwetting.

Tackling problems with Teen Diapers

Not only does wearing an adult diaper come with all sorts of stigmas attached to it but teens have to deal with all sorts of other social pressures as well.

School, puberty, dating, sports,..etc.

So throw a diaper in the mix and you certainly have for a tough time.

Not to worry though.

Having to wear diapers isn't all that bad after a while. It's all about attitude.

There's ways to navigate these treacherous waters.

Having the right people around you helps a lot too. Sometimes just knowing that there are other teens in diapers out there can help make you feel better.

Sharing Teen Diapers

It's scary at first but after a while you'll begin to realize that no one even knows that you're wearing it.

How often do you consider what kind of underwear one your friends is wearing?

If your using diapers for night time problems then only family members and close friends will need to know.

If someone finds out you just explain to them your medical condition and they're usually pretty understanding of it.

Of course you probably will want to avoid having people find out so we have some tips to help you out with that too.

Things like which diapers offer the most discretion and how well they will protect you.

Shifting the Social Stigma

The social stigma attached to the need of wearing diapers is not what it used to be.

While it is still a challenge to overcome it becomes apparent when looking for adult diapers that there are many people out there who need them.

Millions of Adults Wear Diapers

Some people need them for physical reasons while others need them for psychological reasons.

At least 400 million around the globe suffer from some type of incontinence. Possibly more!

This rise in demand coupled with better manufacturing methods has made a large variety of teen diapers available to choose from.

Babies and the elderly aren't the only ones who need diapers ya know! We now offer some snazzy cloth options as well. 

We are looking to expand our offerrings and to develop a product that no one would recognize as a diaper if they saw it.

Teen Diapers to Choose From

In our research to bring you the best possible choices on the net we came across a brand of youth/teen diapers called Race Car Diapers.

Star Diapers Teen Diapers

These are designed specifically with teenagers and preteens in mind. They seem to be primarily for teen boys.

Young teens can be especially difficult to find adult diapers for. Often times, for preteens, adult diapers can be too big.

On the other side of that coin, youth diapers can be too small, babyish and/or offer inadequate absorption.

That's where Race Car Diapers come in! They're designed with younger teens and preteens in mind.

Another one of the most common diapers recommended for teens is Molicare. Molicare are a european brand of diapers made to be helpful with medium to heavy incontinence.

These are great for heavy night time wetters and they come in a unique purple.

In the end functionality and practicality win over any reservations about looks and stigmas.

Dry 24/7 Teen Diapers

One of the best options for older teenagers or heavy wetters is Dry 24 7's new ConfiDry. These are the most absorbent adult diapers availble on the market!

They'd be great for dealing with teen bedwetting or just teen incontinence in general.

They're plain white and come in two different sizes.

A close runner up to the Dry 24 7's is of course none other than the Abena M4's.

The 24/7's absorb a bit more but the Abenas are still a great option as well.

Abena Diapers

The great thing about Abena is that there are multiple levels of absorbency to ensure you always have an option that is most comfortable.

When it comes to some of these teen diapers though, they are a bit on the thick side.

When wearing these types of diapers out and about its always best to have a pair of pants or shorts thats just a size too big.

For example, If you or your kid regularly wears a size 30 then be sure to get a size 32.

This will help your teen feel comfortable when out in public. It greatly helps diminish the self conscious thoughts of whether or not anyone is noticing.

There are also a variety of thinner more discreet diapers available to choose from. PrevailAttends and Tranquility are pretty good brands to try out.

They each have both tape up and pull up diapers available in various degrees of absorption.

The maximum level of absorption of all three doesn't compare to Abena or Dry 24/7s though.

They do however offer much better discretion.

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