Managing Teenage Incontinence

Teenage Incontinence

Teenage incontinence is far more common than most would suspect and can effect even the healthiest of teens.  

That's not to say that its normal healthy functioning by any means though and should be thoroughly diagnosed by your pediatrician.

Are you a teen who's been experiencing involuntary expulsions of urine? 

If your an incontinent teen or the parent of an incontinent teen there are approaches to living with this issue you should know about.  

First and foremost always have the right protection for your condition.  There are lots of different kinds of diapers for teenagers these days.

Don't get made fun of,  or let your teen get made fun of,   for being the smelly kid in class. 

Wearing the proper protection and cleaning up when neccessary will ensure social safety by protecting your teen from falling into a humiliating situation.  

It will also help maintain a higher level of hygene which is important when your incontinent.  Not only for yourself but for those around you as well.

There are a range of products available from disposable to reusable that offer decent amounts of protection in a dignified way.  Most of them have odor neutralizing components to them too!

Benefits of Incontinence Underwear

The different kinds of incontinence underwear available today make living with teenage incontinence much easier to cope with.

Teenage Incontinence Underwear

Being incontinent isn't easy for adults of any age but for incontinent teens and young adults its even more challenging.

Trying to manage teenage incontinence while going to school, work and remaining social can be a difficult task.

So when you have incontinence protection that is indecernable from regular underwear it makes living with needing to wear protection much easier.

Relieving the worry that someone might notice your wearing a diaper,  you or your teen are free to focus and concentrate on your daily buisness.

Socially Acceptable

Unfortunately,  many of the different kinds of incontinence underwear available simply don't absorb enough.  It's either that or you just can't find a size that fits properly.

It  may become necessary to go with a more secure disposable diaper.

Socializing with Teenage Incontinence

There are many options today when it comes to adult diapers but the teen diaper market is still developing and unfolding.

Of course most adult diapers will have sizes that should fit teens just fine.  So hopefully you can find something that you or your teen feels fits comfortably and is unnoticable by others who they don't want to know they are wearing them.

For most incontinent people,  teens and adults alike,   this is an important factor.  Its a matter of being socially acceptable.

Human beings are social creatures.  We need social interaction and acceptance to thrive.

So its important to try to find ways of being comfortable and confident in how you manage your incontinence.  Don't let it stop you or your teen from living a fully active lifestyle!

Discretion, Comfort and Confidence

When it comes to discretion there are several options to choose from.

Tena,  Prevail and Tranquility are all great places to start.  They all offer discreet lines of diapers with cloth shells for greater discretion and better breathability for ones skin.

Occasionally you may need more absorbent protection.  Unfortunately more absrobent usually means more bulk.

Heavy Teenage Incontinence Protection

You could start by adding a diaper doubler to any of the previously stated brands.  Another option is to go with one of the more heavy duty brands of adult diapers like Abena or Dry 24 7's.

If this is your case then we would recommend wearing your selected brand of diapers the next time you go out clothes shopping.  This way you can better find clothes that you feel hide your diaper comfortably.

Doing this will help to ensure you or your teen feel comfortable wearing their protection throughout the day.  Increasing their confidence and encouraging social interaction.

Preventing Rashes

Always use lotions and powders to help protect against a diaper rash.  Baby lotion,  petroleum jelly and talcum powder help to create a protective barrier over the skin so that the bacteria in your urine and stool don't cause a nasty rash.

Always clean up real good too.

There are plenty different kinds of adult wipes to choose from and many of them come in travel packs.  

Making it easy to throw them in a backpack or purse for when your on the go.

Teenage Incontinence Backpack

There are even specially made diaper bag backpacks that incontinent teens and adults may be interested in using.  

They're made for dads by DadGear but they are just as good for incontinent teens as well.

With enough seperate pouches to keep diapers away from lotions and powders, it sure could come in handy for incontinent folks of all ages.

Oh,  and if your concerned about smelling like a baby from the lotion and powder you can try wearing your favorite cologne or perfume.  

You can even opt for more adult options in lotions and powder made for incontinence folks that have more adult scents to them. 

So long as you have the right supplies and take the proper approach living with teenage incontinence doesn't have to be that bad.

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