Thick Adult Diapers For Extended Protection

Thick Adult Diapers
Dry 24/7 are thick adult diapers

When it comes to thick adult diapers there are times when you want them and times when you don't.

We understand discretion is usually a desire amongst incontinence sufferers but there are times where wearing thick adult diapers is necessary.

Unfortunately not all diapers have enough material to handle more severe incontinence conditions.  

If you need a thick diaper that can absorb a lot, none can compare to the thickness and absorbency of the two leading brands.

Abena X-Plus and ConfiDry 24/7.  They surely will offer enough security for even the heaviest of incontinence issues.

Easily catching and absorbing all solid and liquid waste keeping the person's skin well maintained and their dignity in tact.

In The Near Future

These two diapers are as thick as they come. Usually the thicker the diaper the more absorbent it will be.

This isn't always true but it is in the case of these two brands.

New biocompatible absorbent polymers will make thick adult diapers a thing of the past.

As technology advances over the course of the next few decades this idea will gradually fade.  

New materials will be developed with the use of nanotechnology that can absorb more with less bulk,  offer greater sanitization and be biocompatible.

Leading to super thin and concealable diapers that offer extensive amounts of protection for hours on end and reduce the emission of oders.

Anyways, wearing either one of these two leading brands will greatly reduce the amount of changes that you will need throughout your day.  Unfortunately for now they are still some pretty thick adult diapers.

The Right Clothing To Wear For Concealing Thick Adult Diapers

It can be tough to find ways to conceal such a thick midsection but there are ways to do it to an extent. Its a little be easier for women than men because they can throw on a poofy skirt or dress.

Women can wear skirts to help conceal thick adult diapers!

Guys on the other hand need to go out and find the right pair of pants to conceal the diaper properly.

Usually buying a pair of pants a size or two too big will do just fine.

Keep in mind that even though they are thick dry they will get even thicker as they absorb fluid.

We find that wearing an Adult Onesie helps to hold everything in. A white onesie will look like a white undershirt tucked in. This will serve two purposes for you ladies and gentlemen out there open to wearing one.

It will help hold your incontinence products snugly in place. Preventing sagging which may lead to leaks.  It will also ensure that your diaper stays hidden from sight.

So if your paranoid that someone might notice your  diaper rising above your waist line then a onesie just might be what you've been looking for!  They will help coneal those thick adult diapers!

These two diapers are also great for bedwetting or for anyone who has to go for extended periods of time without a change.

They generally can hold up to anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. That factor is dependent upon how much fluid the wearer consumes but they both should last for at least 4 hours.

Adding Padding

When it comes to the Dry 24/7's be careful when adding booster pads.  Trinquility TopLiner Regular booster pads fit perfectly between the leak guards and add a nice boost to their already extensive capacity.

Several of the larger booster pads like Abena or Tranquility Contours have proven to be troublesome.  They will leak most of the time due to them sitting on top of the leak guards.

Plastic Pants for Thick Adult Diapers

However,  adult plastic pants really do work wonders.  

So if you desire the utmost thickness, or need lots and lots of absorption,  then a Dry 24/7 with an Abena Booster Pad and some plastic pants might just be what your looking for.

Obviously there's a number of different combinations you can try when it comes to mixing booster pads with different brands of diapers to see what thicknesses and absobencies work best for you.  

Nortshore also has their very own line of diaper doublers that do a fantastic job.  They are available in a number of different absorption capacities to fit your needs.

So feel free to try other combinations out at your own pace.

Double Diapering

If you do not have any booster pads at the moment and need extra absorption for your diaper you can always try doubling up on diapers.

You can do this by cutting holes in the first diaper so that the urine can pass through to the second outer diaper.  Heck,  you may even want to add a third!  

Double or even triple diapering is a great way to expand the absorption capacity but it makes the for super thick adult diapers!

There will be no hiding it and can make movement difficult.

But if your here then you probably don't care because you really need the extra absorption.  Am I right?  

Don't forget to take the necessary precautions to help prevent from a diaper rash! Wearing a wet diaper for long periods of time will cause damage to the skin if steps aren't taken to prevent that.

With that said, if your looking for some thick adult diapers to help reduce the amount of changes you need then try out both of these brands and see which one you like better!

They are a bit pricey but when you consider how much more you change with one of the cheaper brands it really comes out to be much cheaper for you in the long run.

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