Wellness Briefs, Inspired by Astronaut Diapers!

Wellness Briefs Astronaut Diapers

Wellness briefs are another great all around option to consider. Easily concealable and very comfortable to wear they will provide you with the security you need to go about your day worry free.

Which, by the way, they don't call diapers but MAGs. (Maximum Absorbency Garmets).  

Many principles and materials have come to the consumer market due to Nasa's research and developments. The Wellness Brief is basically a consumer version of Nasa's astronaut diapers.

Wellness Diapers

"Based on the same principles as Nasa's Maximum Absorbency Garmets"


The polymers were designed to absorb 60 times their own volume.

And they certainly do!

They're quite soft to the touch with a high absorption rate. They don't hold as much as Abena or Dry 24/7 but the sure do come close.

This diaper is definitely up in the ranks with the best adult diapers available.

They're a little little bit easier on the pocket too.

Dry 24 7's cost about $1.60 per diaper while wellness diapers run you about $1.40 per diaper. It may not seem like much of a difference when said like that but it will add up over time.

They fit snugly and absorb fluid rapidly, leaving the skin feeling nice and dry for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

They offer three sizes. Each of them having their own color to them.

Wellness Adult Diapers

The medium diapers they offer are for waists of 24"-36" and come in the light color blue. The larges are for 36"-46" and come in the regular old plain white. Then they also have the extra large diapers for waists of up to 67"! Those come in a light purple.

Depending on where you make your purchase from, all three will cost about 28 dollars per pack with 20 diapers or 80 bucks for a case of 60.

You save about 10 cents per diaper when you buy them by the case.

They may not be much cheaper than the Dry 24 7's but they are a bit thinner and absorb a lot more than you would expect.

How many times a day you need to change will vary depending upon each individual and the amount of fluid consumption. Wellness claims that you will only need 3 diapers a day with their diaper.

One for night and two for the day.

Less Changes With Wellness Diapers

This may be true for someone who likes to be thirsty all the time but we find that this claim is not one that they can maintain.

Yes, these are some great adult diapers but they are not that great.

Trying to live up to this claim will cause you to get a very nasty diaper rash. We do not recommend trying it.

There is also the danger of leaking as well if you try to make your diaper last longer than it should.

So while we refute their claim that you will only need 3 diapers a day we still rate Wellness Briefs as one of the top brands of adult diapers you can buy!

They may not last as long as they say but they still last quite a long time.  Their thinness also makes them a bit more comforting to wear out and about.

You will feel far more confident knowing you have on protection that won't leak and it isn't noticable.

Their plastic exterior while stronger than most other diapers is a bit noisier than them as well.  This is something that can be easily minimized by wearing some tight fitting underwear over them.

This creates a muffling effect and can double as a way to hold your diaper up and closer to the body.

You can also try some of Abena's soft cotten fixing pants.

While the noise can be a bit off putting the strength of the plastic is a plus.  Sometimes,  on Dry 24/7's,  as the diaper begins to swell from absorption the plastic tends to tear at the tapes.

Needless to say this is bad and leads to diaper failures.  

You won't have this problem with wellness diapers.

The last feature we'd like to mention is the tapes.  They can be both positive and negative.

Postive in a sense that they have great adhesive and stick strongly once attached.  Making for a tight fit.

Negative in that once they are attached there is no adjusting them.  At least you won't have to worry about tape malfunctions though!!!

So whether your traveling into space or just around town you can stay well protected wearing Wellness Briefs.

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