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Oct 10, 2016

To Tell or Not To tell

I have a nappy fetish and have had one all my life. I remember being in a supermarket with my mum when I was about five. We were walking down the aisle

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Oct 10, 2016

Too Much Diaper For Me

Confidry 24/7 are absorbent as anything, which is good, but you don't forget you have one on. Since their product advertises forget about your incontinence

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Oct 09, 2016

Back to Diapers

Was recently put on 120mg of laysex. Doctor said take twice a day and be sure to take every day and get adult diapers. You need to get that water off

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Oct 09, 2016

Adult Diaper Wearer

Let's see , first let me say Hello to every one and introduce myself , I'm Scott and i wear diapers when I sleep at night and the belted undergarments

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Oct 09, 2016

I have daytime and nighttime accidents

I am 23 and dealing with incontinence. I need to find friends who understand that diapers have helped me to deal with my accidents. I use goodnites and

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Oct 09, 2016

Leaky Fellow

About a year ago I started realizing that my underwear was always wet by the end of the day. I was sick of being wet so I went out and bought some adult

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Oct 05, 2016

Crinkly underwear

My parents told me they were not able to potty train me. I have never not had a diaper on. I'm 30 now and I look back how hard it was to wear diapers.

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Oct 04, 2016

My diaper life

I have autism and have been in diapers m whole life. From school days all the way to present day I have trouble staying dry. When I was a teen I got

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Oct 04, 2016

Tips for incon people

I am a male and have to wear diapers and plastic pants. My tips are to choose the right diapers and plastic pants for your needs. For night time and

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Oct 02, 2016

A Way To Prevent Leaks

The best way to use a disposable diaper with plastic pants is to also wear some cotton loose fitting boxer shorts. Wear the shorts over the diaper then

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Oct 02, 2016

Loving Wife Got Me To Wear Diapers

After several wet beds during nights out drinking my wife started sleeping in the other room. At the time this was crushing. She bought a plastic sheet

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Oct 02, 2016

I love Attends with the waistband

I've been using attends when Procter & Gamble first started making them. Procter & Gamble also makes pampers. It's been several years ago Procter &

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Oct 02, 2016

Nocturnal Enuresis at 28

I had no issues at all with toilet training and learning bladder control as a kid until I was sexually abused by a relative. That was when I started

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Oct 02, 2016

Wet bed every night

Goodnites a fail. So are most pull-up styles. I now want to try real diaper style. I need something that will hold a whole bladder of mine leaking

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Oct 02, 2016

Best Diaper I've Tried

I've been incontinent for many years and have found Tranquility ATN full briefs to be the best. I buy them by the case and think they're fairly priced.

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