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Apr 20, 2014

Lifelong issue

Growing up wetting the bed is and was the one issue that had a huge impact on my life. I was required to wear cloth diapers with plastic pants to bed

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Apr 15, 2014


I used the new ConfiDry diaper for almost 10hrs!!! It was very wet but I had no leaks. The diaper got a little swollen but it didn't clump up. All

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Apr 09, 2014

Good Night Diaper

I use diapers all the time because my body doesn't work. I am 73 years old and have been using diapers most of my life. In the beginning cloth diapers

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Apr 02, 2014

Race Car Diapers for Adolescents and Teens

Race Car Diapers, from, is made with older bed wetting boys in mind. Designed for boys in the age range of 8-15 they...

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Mar 30, 2014

Dry 24 7, Most Absorbent Adult Diaper Ever!

If your looking for the thickest most absorbent adult diapers then look no further. Dry Care's Dry 24 7 is just what you've been looking for!

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Mar 29, 2014

The Down Side and the Up Side

Caught by a 1950's London smog, while booking us both into a hotel, my mother quietly mentioned my bedwetting. Getting out of the lift with several others,

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Mar 20, 2014

I Love My Diapers

I was a bed wetter as a child but grew out of it before my teenage years. Which I was incredibly thankfull for. Later in life it came back probably due

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Mar 09, 2014

A different view point

I've tried the newest diaper, as mentioned... although I have a few concerns with them. The first one is the tapes... they do not adhere as well as they

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Mar 08, 2014

My story

When I was 7, I started wetting the bed. So I had to wear Pull-Ups until I was about 9...ever since then, over the years I noticed I still wanted to wear

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Mar 08, 2014

I Wear Them Full Time

These are great. I no longer have to stop short on my morning coffee or coffee breaks at work. I can pee in this diaper 7-10 times before I need to worry

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Mar 03, 2014

An Alternate to Dry 24/7 that has a better fit...

I've been a long time customer of XP Medical. They now have their own product line. Absorbency Plus™ is the name. You can look them up at

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Mar 03, 2014

Absorbency + Review

Hi!!! I just recently bought a pack of the Absorbency + level 3 and 4. In my experience the leg openings are a bit small on both. The level 3 has a

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Mar 01, 2014

Review cloth like M4

I have used a couple cases of these, they are silent bonus, however I'm bladder incontinent these sag hardcore after a good wetting, problematic if you

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Mar 01, 2014

I'm a diaper lover since I was about twelve.

I am over 50 years old. I have had this fetish since I was twelve. I only wear them for comfort. I have seen doctors and they all agree that it stems

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Feb 24, 2014

Wetting myself

Hi, I just found this site. I have had urinary incontinence for a while but mainly the odd small accident. For the last few days though I haven't been

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