Rubber Pants and A Diaper

by Sam

I use depends and a pair of rubber pants when i go to bed.

Most diapers dont work well when you sleep on your side.

I have even tryed cloth pin on diapers.

For me, They do work the best for bed time.

During the day a pullup or some times a tape on diaper when out for any long time get the job done.

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Apr 08, 2015
by: Jaycee M.

To brittany d-You are so right! i am 17 and at my parish all of the girls wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants under our white dresses for baptisms,first communion and confirmation,weddings,etc.I the bridal dressing room,there are large bins on shelves with all different size cloth diapers-from toddler size to adult size and also bins with the rubberpants in all sizes in them as well.The girls can borrow a cloth diaper and rubberpants to wear under her white dress and she can buy her own.All of the preteen and teen girls baptized over easter vigil last weekend wore the poofy white dresses and bonnets and all had a diaper and rubberpants on.For first communion next all of the girls will have a diaper and rubberpants under their communion dresses and also the confirmation girls as well.I wore the diaper and rubberpants under my communion dress when i was 8 and again under my poofy confirmation dress last year.I really do believe the diapers and rubberpants under our dresses help make us feel more pure and innocent.

Mar 25, 2015
Teens in diapers
by: RosalynAnonymous

My daughter, age 13, wets her bed frequently and has occasionally wet her panties during the day. I use cloth diapers and snap-on plastic panties for her every night and have her wear them under her short little dresses after school and on weekends as well. She knows this is for her benefit but naturally wishes she could wear jeans with girl's panties. Until she is completely dry I insist on proper skirts and dresses over her baby panties, along with white socks. For special occasions I put her in a short nylon party dress with fancy ankle socks to match a fancy plastic panty that I pull on over her snap-ons. This strict routine keeps her dry and brings out the submissive behaviour that I value over the typical teenage attitude that is so common these days.

Feb 13, 2015
put into rubberpants for my first communion
by: Marrissa

Hi,i am 15 and finially made my first communion last may with the little kids and my parents required me to wear baby style rubberpants[plasticpants] under my communion dress.

Jan 12, 2015
Flower girl
by: Anonymous

when i was 14,i got asked to be the flower girl in my sistwers wedding since there were no other little girls to fulfil the role.I wore a poofy,white above the knees dress witha flower headwreath,lace anklets and white and sis had me wear a cloth diaper and crinkly rubberpants under the dress to make me feel cute and little girlish.

Dec 28, 2014
Not just for bedwetting
by: Brittany Delmore

I am a teen girl and catholic and want to say that at my parish and some others i know of,the first communion dresses and the white confirmation dresses are considered extensions of the baptism gown or dress the girls were originally baptized in as babies,so rubberpants and a cloth diaper is worn under our dresses to symbolize the purity of our baptisms.I made my first communion at age 9 and wore the rubberpants and diaper under my communion dress as did all the other girls.then for our confirmation at 16 we had to wear the white,poofy,floor length dresses with a veil,gloves,lace socks and white shoes and the rubberpants and diaper with an under shirt under our dresses.when older girls are baptized,the rubberpants and diaper is also worn under their white baptism parish i know of,provides rubberpants for the girls to wear.

Oct 14, 2014
Diapaered 24/7
by: Anonymous

I wear diapers 24/7 and for daytime use I wear a disposable diaper and plastic or rubber pants. At night I will wear a double cloth diaper and 2 pair of plastic pants

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