Rubber Pants and A Diaper

by Sam

I use depends and a pair of rubber pants when i go to bed.

Most diapers dont work well when you sleep on your side.

I have even tryed cloth pin on diapers.

For me, They do work the best for bed time.

During the day a pullup or some times a tape on diaper when out for any long time get the job done.

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Jan 15, 2017
Rubberpants and a diaper NEW
by: Janelle

Hi,i am 16 and a bedwetter and wear a thick cloth diaper and rubberpants to bed every night.I wear the rubberpants with ruffles across the back and have a nylon covering sometimes or my rubberpants with babyprints on them.I would like to know if there are other girls around my age who wear rubberpants with ruffles on them or babyprints.I think they are cute,but want to know how other girls feel about them.Thank you.

Jan 10, 2017
14 year old daughters first communion NEW
by: Dianne

Our daughter,Sammi,finially made her First Holy Communion at 14 with the 7 and 8 year olds.It is a tradition for the girls to wear rubberpants and a diaper under their white tights with their communion dresses,so i made Sammi a cloth diaper and got a pair of white rubberpants and put them on her when i dressed her in her outfit.Her dress was poofy,and she had the veil and the tights over the rubberpants and diaper and had white 'mary jane'shoes.She looked very pure and innocent in her outfit and was just like the little girls in her class.When Sammi was confirmed at 16,dad and i had her wear the rubberpants,diaper and the white tights under her white confirmation dress as well.

Dec 14, 2016
Teen daughters baptism and first communion NEW
by: Mary F.

To Carole-We are Roman catholic and and our parish does baptisms on Easter sunday every year.The baptism dress code is very strict for the kids up to age 17.The boys have to wear a white suit and the girls have to wear a poofy,white,top of the knees short sleeve dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white 'mary jane'shoes and under their dresses they have to wear rubberpants and a cloth diaper with a tee shirt as their top.Our 16 year old daughter was one of the girls baptized and i made her diaper by sewing cloth baby diapers together to make one thick diaper out of them and the dress code says the diaper has to be pinned on the girls with baby diaper pins,so i got pin head diaper pins for her.The rubberpants were white in adult size medium and fit her loose over the diaper and her tee shirt was snug fitting.Her and some of the other teen girls also had a pacifier on a clip attached to the front of their dresses.The girls are baptized just like the babies-picked up and held to recieve the water on their heads and are considered babies for the entire day.For their First Holy Communions the next month in may,the girls have to wear a poofy communion dress and veil with their baptism lace socks and the mary janes and their rubberpants and diaper and tee shirt has to be worn under their dress.The daughter looked very cute and baby like in her baptism outfit and cute and little girlish in her communion outfit.The rubberpants and diaper under the dresses really does make the girls feel more pure and innocent for both sacrements!

Nov 10, 2016
new adopted teen daughter NEW
by: Carole

We have a new adopted 14 year old daughter whom we have in cloth diapers and rubberpants 24/7.She has accidents during the daytime and wets the bed at night.When we first got her 3 months ago,she was exhibiting infant like tendencies and sucking her thumb and then starting the wetting.We use regular cloth baby diapers in the 24x27 inch size pinned on her with baby diaper pins and then her rubberpants are adult size in pastels and nursery prints.We use the diaper rash ointment on her with baby lotion and baby powder as well.Since she is in the diapers and rubberpants 24/7 and has infant like tendencies,we baptized and christened her as an infant at our parish last month,and were fortunate to find a cute,white,poofy,midthigh length,baby girl style dress and matching bonnet for her to wear.We did an under shirt with her cloth diapers and nursery print rubberpants with white tights over them under her dress and did white mary jane shoes.She had a pacifier in her mouth during the ceremony and looked very cute and adorable as a baby girl.

Feb 10, 2016
long time bedwetter
by: john

i was struck by a car at ten years old and wound up with nerve at sixty seven years old i still wear disposable diapers and rubber pants 24/7.It rules your life but I have gotten used to the problem.It caused problems trying to find female companionship over the years.I hope this didnt happen to many people as it caused a long lonely life.

Nov 24, 2015
Cloth and Plastic pants at night
by: Bob SC

I have been in and out of night time diapers for a good part of my life. Bed wetting seems to be part of my DNA. Fortunately it comes and goes, but now seems to be here to stay. Anyway,cloth diapers and plastic pants have always been my stand by. They work and allow me to get a good nights rest with very few leaks. There are times when cloth would be a major inconvenience so I have used disposables.
The advantage of cloth is the ability to add more layers as needed assuring no leaks.
Fortunately I only need diapers at night as cloth would be very noticeable during the day, or need more frequent changing. The newer PUL pants are much more durable and have made cloth diapering even better.

Oct 14, 2014
Diapaered 24/7
by: Anonymous

I wear diapers 24/7 and for daytime use I wear a disposable diaper and plastic or rubber pants. At night I will wear a double cloth diaper and 2 pair of plastic pants

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