Tips For Teens in Diapers

Tips For Teens In Diapers

This is a safe place where teens in diapers can come together and share their unique challenges with their peers.

Have you ever wondered about other incontinent and bedwetting teens? How do they cope with it?

Well here's your chance to find out.  By sharing your story you will inspire others to do the same.  Together we can all learn from each other and how to live with this better.

Share things like how old you are, what kind of incontinence you suffer from and what your favorite teen diapers are. Do your friends know?

How do you deal with your incontinence problems at school?  How do you handle your problems at sleepovers?

What medicines, methods and products have you tried to get your issues to stop?

Have you had to miss out on fun times due to your condition? This is a good place to vent and tell your story.

Whatever you feel is appropriate and will help others to manage their problems we invite you to come on in and share them!

It has always been extremely relieving to know there are others out there who share the same problems.  

Sometimes knowing how others handle their issues can help us learn to handle our own.  Not only that it can be quite inspiring.

To hear the trials and tribulations of others sometimes helps us to realize that we don't have it so bad.  It can inspire courage and resolution to not let our conditions control our lives.

So add your story today. Help inspire some other teens in diapers out there to see that learning to live with needing to wear incontinence products isn't that bad after all.

Its just a matter of attitude.  

Note: This submission page will be moderated. We will only accept submissions that either ask for help or help others in some way. Any inappropriate material will not be accepted.

Add YOUR methods and tips today!

Are you a teen who needs help with incontinence issues?

Are you a diapered teen who has knowledge and experience?

Only the teens of today know what the teens of today need to hear. Share your advice and tips here!

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Velcro For Cloth Diapers 
When I first started having accidents and wetting the bed at 14 my parents put me into cloth diapers and plastic pants. It was a hassle keeping track …

Do what you have to do 
When I was like, 13, I began having frequent bedwetting accidents again. Mom was getting really fed up and said she was going to put me back in diapers. …

Wearing Tights 
Hi, I am 16 and incontinent and wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants every day.For special occasions and holidays,i like to wear white rhumba tights over …

Use Better Quality Diapers 
I have been in diapers for 4 years now after a car accident left me paralyzed below my chest. My advice is to use better quality diapers so they don't …

Hey I'm a teen girl and I live with my older brother and girlfriend and wear an adult diaper all the time :( When the doctor told me I needed to I …

Use thicker diapers 
I am a 15 year old girl who is urinary incontinent and I have been wearing crappy diapers from the store for 2 years when I first became incontinent when …

Be discreet! 
I started recently a little before my 18th birthday. My girlfriend was the first, and only so far, to know. I have a few episodes weekly, so whenever …

A Tip For Crinkly Plastic Pants 
I am 15 and a girl bedwetter. I wear a thick cloth diaper and adult size plastic pants to bed every night. My plastic pants fit me lousy and crinkle …

Drying plastic pants in the drier 
I am a 16 year old girl and I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night. Along the way I've picked up a few tips and tricks I'd like to …

My 11 years of experince in incontinence 
For a long time now I have sufferred with incontinence and needing to wear adult diapers because of the consequences that come with it. Ever since …

Diapered in High School 
I just want to share my story even though I am not a teenager and well into my adult life... Teens today that have incontinence issues have so much …

My Boyfriend Found Out 
Hey you guys. It's me again, Hannah. I wrote "why I have to wear them". To remind you, I'm 16. So it was about a year ago when my condition was bad. …

Why I Need To Wear Them. 
I'm 16. I've noticed that when I'm on my period is usually when I would need to wear an incontinence pad. The doctor says it's something with my bowels. …

I don't need to wear protection but I do because one of my friends does. He feels better knowing that I wear too. Because of social stigmas and the …

Tell to a Friend 
A friend don't tell anyone your problem and this can make you feel so confortable.

Van's Story 
I'm a full time bedwetter and oftern have wetting accidents in the day. My mom puts me in a Tranquility ATN at night and in the day, most of the time, …

Find Friends Who Accept You For Who You Are 
So I have been wearing for a couple of years now. I am 15 and I actually one time got caught. I was so ashamed I was made fun of for 2 weeks or so …

Diapers and Teasing 
As a kid I wet my pants a lot and I was teased all the time in school. I was called names all the time. Now I am out of school and I still wet but now …

Enjoy Activities Despite Bedwetting 
I am a 14 year old boy (9th grader)with primary enuresis, no problem of day wetting. Untill 12, I didn't experienced any dry nites at all. I still …

At first diapers were forced, but I quickly learned that a dry bed was better than waking up in a soaked bed. Also, I immediately learned to handle …

naum é ruin 
sou karina tenho 22 anos uso fraldas para dormir desde os meus 18 naum e ruin voce se acostuma com o tempo, eu uso e recomendo

How do I tell my Mom? 
My mom found some diapers I had used because in the middle of the night I would pee myself and sometimes poop. I had gotten myself some but didn't …

How I Made a Plan Not rated yet
I'm 15 and a car crash made my bowels uncontrollable. The doctor told my mom first and then explained what I needed. At first I was just silent. I …

Be Positive and Keep Your Chin Up Not rated yet
I have had to wear diapers all my life. I have never been out of them. I have damaged nerves and I have a deformed bladder. I also have one deformed kidney …

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Try It Not rated yet
Started wearing diapers overnight "again" at age 13. While diapers are not fun the nights and mornings are great. Everything became so much easier. …

Living An Everyday Life Not rated yet
Even though I wear diapers day and night I'm still living a very normal life at school and at home. Only a few people now that I wear diapers at all …

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